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White Water Rafting

The great thing about this family reunion is it has been very water based, which of course is just up my alley.   The highlight of the week was yesterday- a whole afternoon of white water rafting in the American River.  It was a company called All Outdoors California White Water Rafting and they have tours all over California.  Everything was very professional.

The course covered 12 miles for around 3 hours.  It was pretty intense with up to class 3 rapids.  I had gone white water rafting twice before but this was a lot more intense than either of those experiences.  There were 10 of us that went on the trip but the boats weren’t large enough for such a large group so they divided us into 2 groups, one of 6 and 4.    I ended up in the raft with my Dad, Megan, Anna, Madeline and my niece.  We weren’t sure if my niece would be scared but she proved to be tougher than any of us grown ups!

Everything went really well until the rapids called ‘Bouncing Rock’.  The raft took a edge and out I popped.  It was quite dramatic.  I was flying through the water over rapids.  It all happened so fast and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  Luckily I was able to keep my head and I didn’t hit  any large rocks. No damage done.

The scariest part was getting back into the boat.  I guess I didn’t have my vest on tight enough and it took quite the effort on everyone’s part to get me back up on the boat.  I felt like I was never going to make it back.  It was intense!

I was winded and overwhelmed when I got back inside so our guide said I could rest it out.  Luckily it was almost over.  The guide was impressed that I held onto my paddle through it all!

The whole trip was exciting and the perfect thing to do on a hot afternoon with friends and family.

I had quite the throw from the boat but made it out with a smile on my face
Our rafting crew. Quite a pretty lot!
Megan and Madeline
Sam, Azriel, Ben and Nahanni were on the other raft so I wasn’t able to get many photos of them but like this one of Anna and Sam.

I’m grateful everyone was safe and had a good time.  We had a great guide who was a lot of fun.  She did a very good job with a small crew.  I recommend going with this company for white water rafting in California.

You Know You’re a Swimmer If…

I have been reading Swim: Why We Love the Water by Lynn Sherr and thoroughly enjoying it.  It is exactly the kind of non-fiction that I love.  It explores an aspect of my life in an entertaining way.  Sherr shares her stories of open water swims including journeys in waters from all over the world.

Anyway, I will do a full review once I am finished but in one of the asides she lists You Know You’re a Swimmer If… and I thought some of them were quite funny and true:

You Know You’re a Swimmer If…

1. You’re crossing a bridge and think, “I could swim across this…”

2. People ask you to do a triathlon, and you say you would if it weren’t for the run and bike parts.

3. You put off the decision to color your hair until after the summer swimming season.

4. You have more swimsuits hanging in your closets than dresses

5. You have an emergency swim bag in your car just in case…

6. You can’t remember the last time you took a shower at home (totally true with me in the winter bc I always shower at the gym!)

7. Bugs die of chlorine poisoning when they land on your skin

8. You say to your dog, ‘wanna go for a swim?’ and she gets more excited than offering a walk

9. You find yourself counting strokes instead of sheep to fall asleep at night.  Then, just when you’re about to fall asleep, instead of leg twitching a little bit, it does a full whip kick and you ride the glide to slumberland.

10. You get in the water and feel like an eagle in the sky (so true!)

11. You’re first thought when trying on bathing suits is ‘how will this help me with my stroke’ not ‘Will this make my legs look big?’

12.  Men in speedos is routine…

13. You get physically excited when someone says ‘oh I love to swim too…’.  It’s a match!

(Those last 3 I made up)

Got any to add my friends?

There actually is a whole blog just on this topic http://youknowyoureaswimmer.tumblr.com/

Scary Swim

So today I was planning on swimming at my gym with my swim coach this morning but he ended up cancelling.  Soon after that I got a text from my friend Erin that KSL was planning on filming some GSL swimmers for their coverage of the race this Saturday.  I figured it would be fun to be on TV and nice to get a swim in before the big race.

Erin, Kris, Josh, Goody, Chad and few others were there and we waited for the KSL team for about 45 minutes.  Finally we got the word they weren’t coming so we went in for a swim.  It was windy but in the marina the waves didn’t seem so bad but once we got out into the open water it was another story.   Almost immediately I was carried away in high steep waves (some in our group have guessed 4 ft, others 5 ft).  Pushing through I made it to the first buoy (the tide was pushing you out so getting to the buoy wasn’t too hard but it was getting back that freaked me out.)

I started to push for the white buoy wanting to keep up with my friends but about half way there I realized I wasn’t going to make it.  I actually got kind of scared and believe me it takes a lot to scare me in the water.  I’m a pretty tough cookie.  Josh saw I was struggling and told me to keep following the waves to the rocky beach and get out.  He was very kind to guide me to the shore. (I have the best swim friends!)

There was a scary patch before the turn to the beach loaded with huge rocks.  I was nervous about getting banged into the rocks and getting hurt.  My friend Erin said she would carry me back to the marina if needs be (I really do have the best swim friends!).

The nice thing is when you are in the heat of the stroke you don’t really feel all the chaos.  It’s not until you get up for air that you get scared.  I think there is something to that.  Remember how Peter was calm on the water until he started to look at the waves and then he felt fearful…Something to think about.

Anyway, I made it through the big rocks injury free (I am super scared of an injury that would screw up all my training!).  and then made it to the beach.  When I got out of the water I realized how much I had been kicking.  I felt like my legs were rubber.  It was hard to even half way stand up, especially on those rocks!

Josh went up to the marina and got my flip-flops (reminder to wear better shoes to the lake!).  Eventually I found my legs and made it back to the solid ground.

You might think this experience would make me more nervous for Saturday and maybe it does a little bit (it would hard to be much more anxious about it than I already am but that’s just my personality) but there is something about facing your fears and coming out on top that is exhilarating.  Seeing nature in all its majesty and  power is scary and awe inspiring at the same time.

But, I remember that my friends will be there on Saturday and there will be lots of monitoring to keep things safe.  I have trained hard and done the best I can.  I survived today and I will make it on Saturday.  So, if anything I am more confident than ever before for my race.  Maybe Saturday will seem like a piece of cake compared to today! In that sense today could be a real gift.

My twitter after getting out of the water- “So victory today at GSL. I didnt die! Really rough waters. Scary!”

It was a victory and I made it through. 🙂