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Unexpected 5K

So one of the hard things about changing to the family ward is the lack of activities.  We have not had a single ward activity and only 2 relief society activities.  In fact, the attitude seem to be against activities.  For instance, before one of the relief society activities the announcer reiterated several times ‘don’t feel any pressure to come. Only come if you want to come’.   This is a downer for me because I live alone and need activities to get to know anybody, especially now that they have me exiled to primary. Its not just activities but I’ve missed all the spiritual thoughts, FHE, firesides etc that you have in the singles ward.

Anyway, last week I decided to go ahead and attend activities in my singles ward again.  Why not?  Yesterday I checked my facebook and they announced a 5K in my ward.  They’ve done these 5K’s as a fitness challenge every once in a while and there probably was a lot of build up in the ward but this was the first time I heard about it.

Trying to be super intense this week in my exercise I decided to go for it.  I was a little nervous because the Turkey Trot in November had been so rough on my muscles.  I figured this would be a good test on my improvement and recovery since the thyroid diagnosis, so I decided to go for it.

Before the race

Fortunately I had friends to walk with and it went by much easier than the race in November. I felt energized and good.  (Of course, the race in November it was freeze raining and was exhausted from all the Thanksgiving prep).

At the end of the race. It was a great experience!

Even today I was a little sore but well enough to meet with my trainer!  I don’t think I had realized how much my pain level and recovery time has improved since I started on the thyroid treatment until yesterday.  It is so exciting!  It makes me all the more confident for my upcoming swim (which I am excited but freaked out for at the same time).

I feel like I have finally figured it out after all the junk I went through last year.  I am able to do something like a 5K without being near bedridden for the next 2 days.  I couldn’t say that in November.  Hurray!

Let’s just hope and pray that the progress continues and I am able to keep progressing, hopefully at an accelerated rate from last year. (Wouldn’t take much to make that happen!).



Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!  In years past I have posted a blog of things I am thankful for.  This year I have been updating facebook and twitter with things I am grateful for all month so I don’t feel a need to do a post like that this year.  Let me just do a quick update.

We just finished a delicious Thanksgiving meal (we always eat in 2 phases meal and a couple of hours later pie!).  Now we are sitting together chatting and sharing memories.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  I was in charge of the mashed potatoes- a food I have not eaten in months and yes it is just as delicious as I remembered! If anything absence has made the heart grow fonder!

I got a little over-zealous in the mashed potato making and you should have seen the giant bowl of leftovers (thank goodness I get 2 days off my diet, so I can eat some tomorrow! Yum!).  I was also in charge of the pumpkin and lemon meringue pies.   I purchased the pumpkin pie but the lemon meringue was from scratch and a lot of work (it has so many steps, zest and squeeze lemons, make crust, lemon curd and meringue. ).  It was exhausting but a lot of fun.

Lemon meringue is my favorite pie and what I’ve had for my birthday for years and years.  I like it with lots of lemon juice- very tart!  After being on a sweet fast for the month it was great to have lots of pie.  I know my trainer was hoping it wouldn’t taste good anymore.  Sadly that is not the case! It’s still delicious but it is nice to know the pie was earned.

This morning started off with a bang.  Trying to justify a day of bingeing I organized a group of us to go to the Folsom Turkey Trot. This was a 5k run/walk (I speed-walked it. 5k in 1 hour 27 seconds which I thought was pretty good).  The proceeds from the race go to the local food bank and despite some rain it was a fun activity.  It always warms my heart to think of all the volunteers and work that went into making a community event like the turkey trot happen.

I am very grateful for all who sacrifice to make our communities better. It makes me want to do more to contribute. It is also nice during this day of feasting to do something that helps those in need.  Especially during the holidays those that do not have enough food to eat or money to buy presents feel it acutely.  I loved participating in the race and I hope it becomes a tradition at our Thanksgiving celebrations.

Needless to say after a day with a 5k and then cooking all day I am tuckered out! My feet hurt and I feel like I could fall asleep now. Nevertheless my fatigue has not diminished my enjoyment of the day and my realization of the many blessings I have in my life.

I am so grateful for all my friends and family and their support.  I am thankful for good health and a body that keeps allowing me to push it day in and day out. I’m grateful for the great and difficult experiences of the past year.  My story feels different than ever before. I was a good person before starting my fitness quest but I am more vibrant, layered person now.  I love that!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Love you!

ps. I am doing a Christmas Swimfest on Dec 17th at 9:30 am at Gene Fullmer Pool.  We will have Christmas swim caps and some games (I am renting 2 lanes) and then we will go to Golden Corral for breakfast buffet.  It should be a nice chance to engage with one another and have fun.  If anyone would like to come let me know so that I get enough caps.