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SDRC 2012 Swim Meet

After a rough week, today was just about the perfect day.  It was the first US Masters Swimming meet of the season at the South Davis Rec Center (SDRC).  First of all this building is amazing.  They have 4 pools, an ice skating rink, basketball, and rock climbing wall.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The Rec Centers, libraries and parks in Utah are without compare to any other region in the country (and all for one of the lowest per capita spending in country…hmmm).  Anyway, they are fabulous and I’m grateful for them.

I’m also grateful for all the people who volunteer their time to make Utah Masters a great organization and who put in so much effort to making the meet a success.  It was a great day of swimming!  It actually started Friday for the 1650 swimmers (Go Etsuko!) but I didn’t participate until today.  I must admit that I felt wholly unprepared for the meet.  While I’ve kept my exercise up I haven’t gotten to the pool as much as I’d like since my surgery in September.  Still, I signed up for 4 races (I was thinking I’d only done 3 but then it turns out there were 4).

I ended up with the 50 free, 50 fly, 500 free and 200 free.  Each one was hard in their own way and I am completely exhausted. I don’t know if I will be able to move tomorrow but it was worth it (things are going to be rough during the primary program tomorrow…).

All in all I had a great meet, much better than I anticipated! I bettered or came close to all of my times last year. My 500 was nearly 6 seconds better than last year!

50 free-  Time 50.05.  Would have been better but my goggles came off and were hanging around my neck.  This meant I was swimming without great visibility and couldn’t flip turn. (I hate flip turns).  They are new goggles and I guess I hadn’t gotten them quite tight enough.   For once Michael Phelps and I have something in common 😉

the goggles that caused me so much grief!

50 fly- Time 1:01.9.  This was a hair under what I’d done at QUAC in February but I have literally swam butterfly about 3 times since so I was thrilled with that time.  All of my races including this one gave me a lot of encouragement to rock it at QUAC this year (that’s the next meet).

500 free- Time 12:54.7.  I think my last time was 12:59.  Especially after just doing a 50 fly I was thrilled with this time.  My cap came off about half way through and I couldn’t see the lap counter until Josh stepped in and saved the day.  My plan was to just swim until someone told me to stop! It was exhausting but I finished and I’m super happy! My head felt like it was going to explode after but considering my lack of distance swimming lately I think it was a great to even make the attempt, let alone finish.  It’s funny- you would think if I can do a 5k, a 500 would be no sweat but I’m telling you the flipturns zap energy.  In some ways a day of swimming at the meet feels harder than the 5k!

200 free- Time 4:33.8.  I don’t remember what my last time for this was.  You have to go way back to JCC meet last September and I don’t have it written down.  Still, it felt fast especially considering how exhausted I was.  Its only my darn stubbornness that made me swim it.  I just can’t sign up for something and back down without some major fighting (all the trauma over Slam the Dam proved that…).

Mostly it was great to just be there swimming with my friends.  Everyone was so encouraging and as I was always the last to finish the entire room was usually cheering me on.  Who cannot be pumped up by that?  I love my swim friends.  Makes me very happy!

Etsuko and I went to Village Inn afterwards and enjoyed some yummy carbs.  It was great to spend time together and reward ourselves for a meet well swam!

After the 500
My friend Goody and me
My friend Josh and me. Josh, Gordon and many others do so much to start SLOW (Salt Lake Open Water Masters Club!)
Self portraits are so much better since I had the surgery
Kate sacrificed 2 days to volunteer as a time keeper for the meet.
Rah! I was pumped after this meet
Won a new safe swimmer. Great for swimming with friends this summer or maybe even in an open water date (that’s the dream!)
Etsuko and I at meet. She did a 1650! That’s like 65 flip turns…
Etsuko enjoying peppermint hot chocolate
Cheers for a job well done!

Back in the Pool

Today I am tired and sore but glad to be so.  As I was working on my diagnosis I didn’t want to muddle my chronic pain symptoms with exercise related pain so I held off of any hard training.  This means its been a few weeks since I did a serious swim- really since the QUAC swim.  QUAC was awesome but it was very tough to recover from.   I think because I was going through other stress and the gnawing pain in my ribcage (which in itself is a stressor) it made the recovery more difficult.

Anyway, I wanted to be able to tell my doctor for sure that the pain I was feeling was the chronic pain, not something from exercise.  Also with labs and doctors visits I had to be careful to get my work hours in and that left less time for exercising; however, after a promising week of results with  my thyroid medicine I felt like I was ready to get back to training. As much as I moan and groan about workouts I really do miss them when I can’t do them anymore.  Especially swimming.

Today I met with my swim coach for the first time in over a month (crazy how fast the time goes!).  He gave me a good workout- 1500 meters with intervals (250m fast, 250m slow, 200m fast, 200m slow…all the way down to 50m).  It was intense and my arms felt heavy but it was awesome!

Back in the pool! My face was so red after the workout. Something about these post-workout photos I love

There is something about diving into the water that I find so therapeutic.  There is a peace in the white noise of water that I love.  You can scream under water and nobody knows. I find the minute I dive in my mind becomes clear and the repetition of the strokes allows me to mull over the problems in my life.   Most importantly my body floats away, the pain with it.  I don’t feel like a heavy girl in the water.  I feel like I am flying!

It was great to get back in the water!  Tomorrow I meet with my trainer, thursday swim with my friends and Saturday I am taking boxing lessons!  I’m so excited about that!  Yes, I’ve always wanted to take boxing lessons!  There is a gym in Salt Lake that teaches boxing classes just for women.   http://www.boxingisforgirls.com. I think it will be awesome.  I took self defense at BYU and loved it. So, take notice and don’t tick me off in the future.  I will be trained! 🙂

I got my first bountiful basket this Saturday!  It was delicious! I’ve been enjoying the oranges this week and all the yummy vegetables.  I made corned beef and cabbage on Sunday and that was yummy (my fridge is now stuffed with crockpot meals I’ve made the last few weeks!).   Today I had a steak.  My mother can not make steak.  Cooks it to death.  Once I learned how to make it right I love it! Its expensive and high in calories but for an occasional indulgence Ok. Especially after my intense swim.  Don’t get too worried because with all my delicious veggies I made a massive salad to go with the steak!

There is something better about carefully selected produce.  You don’t really realize it until you try the good stuff and there is such a difference.  Yesterday I had dinner at Anna’s and she made ginger ice cream.  With the fresh grapefruit and orange sections the citrus and ginger combined well, creating a delicious dessert.

My friend Kate and I decided we will do the baskets every other week.  For $20 how can you go wrong?  (We split the box equaling $21.50 per person). This week they had special pineapples to order.  Hope they will have something like that next week.  Yum!