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Friday 5: Cover Songs

This week on the Friday 5 we have a fun topic- it’s cover songs!

I picked 2 Disney songs from an album called We Love Disney I think you will really like.  I could have done all 5 from the album.

Then I have a favorite song from Ingrid Michelson singing Elvis Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Next one of my all time favorite songs by Hawaiian singer IZ his cover of Over the Rainbow

Finally we have from the failed movie Across the Universe a great cover of a Beatles song Blackbird

I hope you enjoy these songs and I would be so grateful if you watched my video on youtube and gave it a thumbs up if you feel so inclined.  And if you aren’t subscribed I have been doing daily videos so I think you will find it worth your while!

Next week is 5 Favorite Lullabies so that should be fun!

Friday 5: 5 Great Broadway Singers

This week on the Friday 5 we were asked to focus on 5 great female singers.  Well, I could have easily went with singers like Adele, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion etc but the more I thought about it the more I came back to Broadway.  For my money there is nothing like a Broadway singer in terms of quality of the singing voice.  Maybe you could make a claim for opera but I’m not as familiar with individual opera singers as Broadway.  Anyway, Broadway was my pick and I chose 5 singers I love:

  1. Julie Andrews- Does anything even need to be said to defend this choice? I mean Mary Poppins and Sound of Music alone seal the deal alone. The fact she can no longer sing makes me very depressed.  What an amazing voice and actress! Here she is singing Spoonful of Sugar
  2. Linda Eder- You might not be as familiar with Linda but she is an incredible talent.  She became famous playing Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde.   The most famous song from that show is Someone Like You.  I almost went with her rendition of Anthem from Chess but I couldn’t find a good 25 second or under section.  That’s the trouble with Friday 5 is you have to find a song that sell’s itself in a short section because of copyright issues. Not all songs do.
  3. Idina Menzel- My favorite belt singer is Idina and after seeing her live I am an even bigger fan of hers.  What a mastery over this particular type of sound.  It’s bold, striking and beautiful.  Here she is singing Defying Gravity from Wicked and Let it Go from Frozen
  4. Judy Garland- Ok she was not technically Broadway but she was in a lot of musicals and did a lot of concert albums, so I say it counts.  This particular song I went with because You Made Me Love You is such a heartbreaking reality of Judy’s life.  I also love her in Meet Me in St Louis and maybe I will use some of her songs from that show in later Friday 5s like the Trolley Song. . Of course I love Over the Rainbow.  Here she is singing it live in her famous London concert
  5. Kelli Ohara- Perhaps non-Broadway buffs might not be super familiar with Kelli but she has an amazing voice and has done just about everything on Broadway.  Recently she lit it up playing Anna in the King and I.  She’s also been amazing in Light in the Piazza, Nice Work if You Can Get It, South Pacific, Pajama Game and more.  Here she is singing Getting to Know You.  and here is Beauty Is from Light in the Piazza. 

What do you think of my 5 choices?  What are some of your favorite female Broadway singers both living and past on?  As a musical buff I would love to talk about it!  What’s your favorite musical?

Friday 5: Favorite Love Songs

Hi guys!  I just wanted to share with you my latest Friday 5 video.  This week’s topic is favorite love songs and I have done 6 songs, so you get a bonus!  I wanted to share with my youtube audience my 2016 valentine, which I will post here on Valentines Day.  Consider this a sneak peak.

What do you think of my picks? and What are some of your favorite love songs?

I hope you guys have a great Valentines weekend and feel lots of love.

Friday 5: My Theme Songs

So this week on the Friday 5 the topic was surprisingly tricky.  Sara asked us to pick 5 songs that could be our theme song.  That might sound easy but I really struggled because a lot of songs I love didn’t really have that feeling of describing me and some felt too on the nose and uncreative.  I can’t say I’m 100% happy with my picks but I did the best I could.

What would be your theme song?

Friday 5: Songs about Winter

Happy Winter guys!  Today it has been snowing most of the day and it looks like it is going to be a white winter.  It has been one of the biggest snowfalls this season that I remember in Utah for quite some time.  Luckily I don’t have to drive in it so it isn’t too stressful for me. For all of you out in it please be safe and take your time on the roads!

Well, just in time for winter weather Sara assigned us to pick ‘5 Songs that Remind You of Winter’ for the Friday 5.  This was a little tough because I didn’t want to pick holiday songs.

One song I ended up with is technically on a holiday album but isn’t really a holiday song.  One song is from a broadway musical based on the amazing documentary Grey Gardens.

Another is the great Nora Jones singing about a cold cold heart.  And finally the last is a stretch to be about winter but is Amos Lee’s Colors and I feel it captures the gray lack of color we get here in Utah during the summer.  ‘The color seems to fade” is a line from the chorus.

Let me know what you think of my picks and what songs remind you of Winter:

Speaking of Winter I also just posted on my movie blog my review of the very cold movie, The Revenant.  It is not for everyone so if you were thinking of seeing it check out the review.


Have you caught any movies recently?  January is usually a tough month.  Have you been doing anything else that is fun?  I’ve been missing my nieces something fierce but trying to stay busy as best as I can.

I hope you are all well.  Sure love ya!

Friday 5: Best of 2015 Songs

So the next week in The Friday Five is here and this week we are talking about our favorite music from 2015.  I wasn’t very plugged into the music scene this year and so I didn’t have much to draw off of.  I loved several albums this year- Josh Groban’s album Stages, Adele 25, Peanuts Movie Soundtrack, and a song from the Pixar short Lava.  I really do love all of 5 of these songs.

What are your favorite songs from 2015?  Please give me some recommendations of what I should check out.

Friday Five: Break Up Songs

As you all know I’m not that familiar with break ups (I guess that’s the advantage to being relationship naive. No heart ache).   So when Sara at Friday Five picked Break Up Songs as this weeks song category I was at a bit of a loss but I’m really happy with the 5 songs I picked.

What songs have you listened too during a break up?  Or perhaps it has been different songs depending on the relationship.  Let me know and for all those going through a break up, hugs!

Next week is favorite songs of 2015 and to be honest I’ve been a bit out of the current scene so share with me your favorites and I will check them out!

Friday Five: Songs I’m Embarrassed to Admit I Like and Update

Hey guys!  This week on the Friday Five the topic is songs ‘I’m Embarrassed to Admit I Like’.  In truth, I’m not really embarrassed by any of these songs.  They are all silly but I like a fun pop song on occasion.  They put me in a good mood.

What pop songs do you like?  Are there any songs you are embarrassed to admit you like?  Any bubblegum songs that are silly but you like them anyway?

As far as NaNoWriMo things are going really well.  I just passed the 25k mark so that means I am half way through and it isn’t half way through the month.  It isn’t quite as speedy as last couple of years but I’ve had a lot more going on, so that makes sense.  How are you guys doing on your word counts?

nanowrimo11-13This week was really fun.  I went and saw Home Alone on the big screen for the 25th Anniversary!  Home Alone has a special place in my heart because it is the first movie that really made me laugh my head off in the theater.  I saw it when I was 9 years old and on a special trip with my Grandparents to Disneyland.  I was a really independent kid so the story of Kevin McCalister defending his house and providing for himself was right up my ally.  I watched in a crowded theater and it was so neat to hear kids laughing their heads off just like I had 25 years previous.  It brought so many great memories.

Here’s my youtube review I think you will all get a kick out of.


Friday Five: Songs about Halloween and My Costumes

Hi friends!  It’s Friday so that means it is time for the Friday Five!  This week Sara has allowed us to pick anything we want with the topic Halloween.  I decided to be fairly straight forward and did 5 Songs About Halloween.  I hope you enjoy the songs.  If you do please give it a thumbs up!   Happy Halloween!

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween especially when I was little. My Mom had a rule she would make us a costume every other year so when it was our turn it was always a real treat.

sleeping beauty me
Here I am as Aurora and my sister as Merrywether. Aren’t they amazing costumes my Mom made?

Over the years I’ve always tried to do something fun for Halloween whether it was just dressing up at the office or going out with my friends.  It’s just a fun, creative time.

When I went as Tracy Turnblat from Hairspray
When I went as Tracy Turnblat from Hairspray
My Halloween costume
A geisha princess one year
One year I was Dorthy ruby slippers and all!
I was Professor McGonagal one year from Harry Potter
I was Professor McGonagal one year from Harry Potter
Last year I was Mike from Monsters Inc and Monsters University!

So this year I continued the tradition and was Elsa from Frozen.  It was pretty fun.


elsa me

Friday Five: Songs from Musicals

This weeks Friday Five is here and we are talking about one of my favorite genres of music- Broadway musicals!

It was actually kind of tough for me to narrow down my love of show tunes into 5 songs.  So, I decided to pick songs from shows I’ve seen on Broadway.  That left me 11 musicals to pick from and I feel like my songs show a variety and are from 5 shows I really love.

I don’t know if I would say they are my favorite Broadway songs but they are in the discussion for sure.  But here are my picks (in no particular order:

The Beauty Is from Light in the Piazza- musical about a young mentally special needs American girl going to Italy with her Mother and falling in love with an Italian. The musical in Light combines melodic and non-melodic sequences in the same song in a way I’ve never seen before.  Also the way they use harmonies and change keys within the songs gives them a uniquely beautiful song.

Stars from Les Miserables- Javert is one of my favorite villains because he isn’t really a villain.  He believes in justice which is a noble attribute but he  forgets about mercy.  In Stars he sings about his beliefs in upholding the law.

As We Stumble Along from Drowsy Chaperon- This show makes fun of musicals and is the funniest Broadway show I’ve ever seen.  It was also brilliant the way the story and the jokes came alive in the apartment of the Man in the Chair. This song lampoons the anthem songs of the modern musical and is very funny.

Defying Gravity from Wicked- As we saw from my last entry I love Idina Menzel and I think Stephen Schwartz did a great job with this prequel to Wizard of Oz (no small task considering every other film version has been terrible).  Defying Gravity is the most difficult song of the show and shows Idina’s amazing belt skills.  It is also the emotional heart of the show where Elphaba has made her decision and there is no going back.

76 Trombones from Music Man- Meredith Wilson’s Music Man will always have a special place in my heart because I saw this musical when I went to New York with my cousin Lisa.  She died 4 months after that trip. But even without that it is a story of redemption and how even a con man isn’t a total lost cause. Plus, there are some really catchy music to boot!

So that is my five choices.  What would you pick for your favorite songs from Broadway musicals?