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Winners 2/19/2017

Because of Valentines Day last week I didn’t do a winners post, so that means I have all the more things to talk about this week. This is a new series I have started where each week I pick things I think are worthy of praise- winners.  There is enough negativity around so I thought why not be positive for once.

This week’s winners are:

DSCF1026My Dad-

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!  He is a great father who loves the outdoors and spending time with his friends and family.  He is a great friend and an enthusiastic soul. I am very lucky to have him as a father.

Lego Batman-

For being hilarious and having real heart. Maybe not quite as good as the original Lego Movie but still pretty darn entertaining.

wp-1487490113896.jpgMy Amazing Nieces- 

My nieces Olive and Sparrow came for a visit and my nieces Isabelle, Lucy and Nelle sent me a care package for Valentine’s Day!


I got a new Spring wreath for my front door and I like it very much! It’s my favorite color purple. To order click here.


Might be unpopular opinion but I don’t really care for Beyonce so I was thrilled to see Adele win Album, Record and Song of the Year. I could care less about the Grammys and certainly didn’t watch them. Most current music I don’t care for but Adele keeps putting out albums I love. Hers was the only non-cinematic album I liked last year. So awesome to see it get recognized.  Plus, she looked beautiful in her green dress.

So that is my winners for this week. What do you think is a winner lately in your life or the world at large?

Cupcakes and Family

This post is kind of all over the place, but it has been such a crazy time lately.  Last week  was jam packed with everything including work responsibilities including yard work (yuck!) on the properties, check in’s and check out’s, entering payments, working on accounting, and making new reservations.  At the same time we had our family reunion at the end of the week, so my entire extended family on the Richard’s side was in town.  This was fun but also a lot of work.  Among other things, I took my nieces to the princess festival (so fun, even with the rain!),  got Anna’s 18th birthday party ready, make her a sweet present, got the slide show for the reunion set up, helped with other family activities, baked cupcakes and  a made frosting and toppings for an activity and more.  Like I said- it was a busy, busy week.

We also had a  wonderful visit from my college friend Emily Alvillar Whitman.  She made a great effort to visit us and Megan, Emily and I had such a good time.  Those that read my blog regularly might remember her from several posts.  I love all of my friends, but Emily is special.  I feel Emily was someone I was destined to meet.  We just needed each other during a difficult time, and I believe Heavenly Father knew that.  It was nice to see an old, wonderful,  friend.  It warmed my heart.  Plus, we got to see her beautiful baby Jackson.  So cute! Thanks Emily!

Finally on Saturday my body had all it could take, and I got a sinus infection.  It was like my body said “It’s time for you to rest, and I’m going to make you sick if needs be”.  Fortunately for my body I listened and rested for 2 whole days and by Tuesday I felt 95% better.  I am grateful it wasn’t one of those infections that lingers for months- like the kind I had last Fall.  Those stink!

For work it felt satisfying to see improvement on the yards (even if, to be honest, I don’t get what makes good grass different from bad grass!).  Plus, everyone who stayed at the properties was not only happy but glowing in their praise.  I know it isn’t good for the ego to get too much praise, but I needed it last week.  Havin the praise coming from the tenants made it all the more important and valuable.  After all, it is their feedback and happiness that keeps us in business!

It was a fun week even with the work-related struggles.  I loved seeing my family- particularly the extended relations that I don’t normally get to see.  Anna’s birthday  turned out great and the Princess Festival was a lot of fun.  I am fortunate to have such an awesome family that supports and loves me regardless of my marital status (or any other factor).

This is kind of random but I made a video of Anna singing and playing the ukulele.  Isn’t she amazing?

Also, here is the slideshow I made up for the reunion.  It had music when I showed it but youtube disabled it. Even so,  Enjoy!

So, here are the photos from the week.  I will include more as I get them from other family members. I couldn’t find a way to rotate photos in wordpress. If any of you know how then please fill me in!

Isabel and Lucy with Cinderella at the Princess FestivalGirls at Princess FestivalCIMG0073CIMG0064CIMG0070CIMG0062Belle and her princessesSnow White, Prince Charming and IsabelCIMG0059CIMG0067CIMG0071CIMG0072CIMG0069