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Friday Five: Songs from Musicals

This weeks Friday Five is here and we are talking about one of my favorite genres of music- Broadway musicals!

It was actually kind of tough for me to narrow down my love of show tunes into 5 songs.  So, I decided to pick songs from shows I’ve seen on Broadway.  That left me 11 musicals to pick from and I feel like my songs show a variety and are from 5 shows I really love.

I don’t know if I would say they are my favorite Broadway songs but they are in the discussion for sure.  But here are my picks (in no particular order:

The Beauty Is from Light in the Piazza- musical about a young mentally special needs American girl going to Italy with her Mother and falling in love with an Italian. The musical in Light combines melodic and non-melodic sequences in the same song in a way I’ve never seen before.  Also the way they use harmonies and change keys within the songs gives them a uniquely beautiful song.

Stars from Les Miserables- Javert is one of my favorite villains because he isn’t really a villain.  He believes in justice which is a noble attribute but he  forgets about mercy.  In Stars he sings about his beliefs in upholding the law.

As We Stumble Along from Drowsy Chaperon- This show makes fun of musicals and is the funniest Broadway show I’ve ever seen.  It was also brilliant the way the story and the jokes came alive in the apartment of the Man in the Chair. This song lampoons the anthem songs of the modern musical and is very funny.

Defying Gravity from Wicked- As we saw from my last entry I love Idina Menzel and I think Stephen Schwartz did a great job with this prequel to Wizard of Oz (no small task considering every other film version has been terrible).  Defying Gravity is the most difficult song of the show and shows Idina’s amazing belt skills.  It is also the emotional heart of the show where Elphaba has made her decision and there is no going back.

76 Trombones from Music Man- Meredith Wilson’s Music Man will always have a special place in my heart because I saw this musical when I went to New York with my cousin Lisa.  She died 4 months after that trip. But even without that it is a story of redemption and how even a con man isn’t a total lost cause. Plus, there are some really catchy music to boot!

So that is my five choices.  What would you pick for your favorite songs from Broadway musicals?

Friday Five: Songs About Autumn

Hi guys!  It’s time for the Friday Five!  That means youtuber Sara Crawford gives us a topic and we have to pick 5 songs that fit that topic.  I have really enjoyed being a part of the series and this week was a very unique topic: Songs About Autumn.  There were a couple of one’s that came to mind first but then I had to ponder on a few.  In the end, I think I came up with 5 great songs- classics in fact.

What about you?  Are there 5 songs that remind you of Fall?  Or perhaps a type of music like folk music that seems to fit this time of year?  I was a little surprised I didn’t have anything spooky but I wanted to save those for Halloween week (10/30 so look forward to that).

The coolest thing about the Friday Five is it has me thinking about music more than I was before.  I had kind of gotten out of just listening to music and was either listening to podcasts or audiobooks.  I am really enjoying listening to music again!  As much as I love the chatter of podcasts and books there is something so calming and soothing about music and I am finding it relaxing as I work.  (Although I just finished the audibook of The Martian and LOVED that so a mixture is always good.  I’m listening to Dracula right now for Book Club).

Next week is 5 Favorite Songs from Musicals….how the heck am I going to pick that!  I could probably no joke come up with a favorite 200 songs from musicals!

What are your favorites and what do you think of my picks?  Are you enjoying this series on the blog?  I hope so.

On an unrelated note I came up with a series I am going to do with my favorite General Conference talks from my LDS Church leaders.  If you have any favorites you’d like me to consider let me know.  Thanks so much!


Friday Five: Songs with Places in the Title

Hey guys!  It’s time for the Friday Five!  This is a series where a bunch of youtubers pick out songs that fit a topic from the series creator Sara Crawford.   This weeks topic was ‘songs with places in title’.  I went with places that have personal meaning to me.  If you are a fan of my blog you won’t need much explanation for these picks but I gave them anyway.

What would be your picks for songs with places in title?  What places are special to you?  If you have any suggestions for blog topics please let me know.  Been in a bit of a funk lately but doing my best and having a blast!

Friday Five: Songs that Make Me Cry

Today is of course the 14 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  I think we all remember where we were on that day and what happened.  I was going to campus for my senior year of college at BYU.  We heard on the radio of a small plane accident in New York and then I got up to campus and knew immediately it was more than that.  Everything was so quiet and everyone was on their cell phones, which at the time seemed really strange (funny ha!).

I then went to my philosophy class and we watched the coverage.  When they said the Pentagon had been hit I remember literally thinking ‘is this the end?’.  It felt like the end of the world. 2001 had been a very difficult year for my family with my Grandpa and 2 cousins passing away that year.  Then 9/11 happened so you can imagine why I came to that conclusion.

Of course it was not the end of the world but it certainly was the beginning of a new journey for our country. One I worry we have become too complacent about.  We need to do all we can to support our brave men and women who serve in our armed forces and try to elect people who will protect our country both spiritually and physically.

Anyway, one of the things that gets me through hard times is music, and sometimes I need music that can express sadness.  And if I learned anything from Inside Out it is that sadness is an important part of being a healthy person.  And music can help us cope with grief, loss, loneliness and many other sad moments in life.

So this week for the Friday Five the theme is sad songs, or ‘songs that make me cry’.  I chose 2 country songs, which I think is a medium that is particularly good at storytelling. I have one Broadway song from West Side Story, a gospel song from the Celtic Women, and a jazz number from a forgotten singer named Jimmy Scott who you should all look up.  He has such a unique voice.

I hope you enjoy my choices and give them a listen too.  Hopefully don’t cry!