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Thank you Granola

Tomorrow is the big race! All the preparation has been done and I think I am ready. Ready as I will ever be! It won’t be the fastest swim but I’ll get it done.  It will be super exciting when I finish but also a huge relief.  I wonder if I will ever be 100% confident that I can do these great things? Until I am every finish will mean excitement and relief.

Anyway, my trainer has kindly agreed to paddle for me and as it is somewhat of a thankless task I wanted to do something to say thank you.  But what do you get your trainer as a gift?  Tough question.  Certainly I couldn’t make her cookies or brownies! She also has a pretty strict diet (gluten and dairy free etc).

So after some thought I decided to make homemade granola for her.  I looked at a bunch of recipes online and then added my own tweaks. Next time I will probably make it a little bit sweeter but I think that is better for my trainer because she isn’t a big sweet fan.  Its a super easy process.

Homemade Vanilla Granola

Heat to 350

2 c rolled oats

1/4 c flax seed

1/4 c honey (I would probably put in more next time because it wasn’t quite sweet enough)

1 c diced almonds

3.5 tbsp canola oil

2 tbsp vanilla (I used my homemade vanilla)

1 tsp cinnamon

If you have dried fruit or coconut that would be good.

Mix all ingredients.  Lay out on cookie sheet with silpat or parchment.  Stir the granola every 5 minutes and cook until it looks golden brown.


It’s honestly as easy as that and to think how much people can charge for it!

spread them out on a cookie sheet and then bake
Finished granola (this batch had some dried cherries)
The finished package



Wonder of Cellophane

So this year I don’t have much money to spend on gifts (I’m afraid I spent all my money this year on trainers, races, doctors, and eye surgery…sigh).

Fortunately I don’t have a ton of gifts to buy being single and all.  I also have made a deal with my trainer- no cheats carb-wise or sweet-wise with at least 4 days of exercise a week, and I can have the entire time I am home (9 days) off!  This doesn’t mean I will go crazy but just knowing I can take a breath and not be so strict is super motivating.

This fitness goal combined with my budget created a challenge for my friends gifts.  Where I would usually give a plate of cookies and homemade candies I had to come up with something else?  Here’s what I did:

Included in this little package is:

1 honeycrisp apple (from Harmons.  THE BEST APPLE EVER!)

1 good quality navel orange (also from Harmons)

2 apple and 2 berry Clif Fruit Ropes (I buy them in bulk from the Clif Bar’s website)

What do you think? Would you be disappointed or grateful to get something instead of the traditional Christmas sweets? My friends seemed to enjoy it (in fact, one of my visiting teaching girls was looking forward to my monthly honeycrisp apple!)

I personally learned from making these gifts that anything looks better wrapped in cellophane with a nice bow on it.  Nice to know…:) I’d love to hear what budget and diet friendly gifts you come up with this year. Please share!

Ok.  Its way late.  Better go to bed!