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Christmas RS Lesson

Today I had a wonderful experience. I got to teach Relief Society (Women’s organization at church) for the first time in a long time. I had the choice of any talk from General Conference and I decided on one called Try Try Try by President Eyring. Here is the talk if you would like to read it (I think it would be encouraging to those of any faith).

The main thrust of the talk is about overcoming hard times and never giving up hope. Naturally it being Christmas time I decided to relate the talk to this time of year. I created a powerpoint to walk through the lesson, which I don’t always do but it just felt like the right approach this time.

try try try

Then I created slides of important quotes from the talk and questions to ask the class:

try try try3

Then just for fun I added in some famous quotes from Christmas movies.

try try try2

I was a little nervous going into it because technology can go very wrong and I am a bit rusty teaching (I was a Sunday school teacher for over 5 years in my late 20s so I was basically a pro!). The RS presidency went above and beyond to help me and were amazing and several of my friends came to listen to my lesson, which was very sweet.

To my relief it all went very well. Everyone made great comments and we had an uplifting discussion. I feel very inspired!

Here is the full powerpoint as a video. Feel free to use it as a family home evening lesson or anything else that might be helpful for you and let me know how it goes.

Merry Christmas!


FHE for 1

So, it has always been my greatest desire to be obedient to the prophet of my church.  One of the things that he has asked every Latter-day Saint to do is to hold family home evening.  This has always been a bit of a problem as I do not have a traditional family.  Its just me! (at least for the moment, with no foreseeable change in the future).

This gap in my gospel living has become particularly important recently as I have made the transition from the young single adult ward to a family ward.  In a singles ward they have activities on Monday night (the traditional home evening night) with a lesson and family-type activity.  While I may certainly still attend these activities eventually I have to make the transition to my new lifestyle. After all, I’m not going to be 40 and still going to YSA FHE activities!

So, today I was thinking about this problem and came across an old article in the Ensign entitled Family Home Evening for One by Judyth Barton.  It gave me a whole new idea- I should have family home evening for myself.  I’m a family of one, so why not!  I can certainly use the inspiration in my life and I have learned that any obedience is always a source of blessings- even if it is just the knowledge to get through tough times.  I KNOW it will bless my life.

Plus, it will help me to be ready if Mr Sunshine ever does come.  It will be easy for me to convert a family home evening for one into more.

I have decided to create a new blog that will just be for my lessons and thoughts for FHE.  This blog is designed for members of my faith and really isn’t a forum for debate on what I believe.  I don’t think that is very productive anyway but this blog will remain my main source of discussion and continue to cover a variety of topics.

http://fhefor1.wordpress.com/ is just for my  FHE lessons, progress and experiences.  I’ve already made my first entry.  I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.  I decided for the moment to focus on the talks from conference for my lessons.

I hope that my friends will include me in their family home evenings and that they will come to be a part of mine. Anyone is certainly welcome to join with me!