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Friday Five: Songs About Autumn

Hi guys!  It’s time for the Friday Five!  That means youtuber Sara Crawford gives us a topic and we have to pick 5 songs that fit that topic.  I have really enjoyed being a part of the series and this week was a very unique topic: Songs About Autumn.  There were a couple of one’s that came to mind first but then I had to ponder on a few.  In the end, I think I came up with 5 great songs- classics in fact.

What about you?  Are there 5 songs that remind you of Fall?  Or perhaps a type of music like folk music that seems to fit this time of year?  I was a little surprised I didn’t have anything spooky but I wanted to save those for Halloween week (10/30 so look forward to that).

The coolest thing about the Friday Five is it has me thinking about music more than I was before.  I had kind of gotten out of just listening to music and was either listening to podcasts or audiobooks.  I am really enjoying listening to music again!  As much as I love the chatter of podcasts and books there is something so calming and soothing about music and I am finding it relaxing as I work.  (Although I just finished the audibook of The Martian and LOVED that so a mixture is always good.  I’m listening to Dracula right now for Book Club).

Next week is 5 Favorite Songs from Musicals….how the heck am I going to pick that!  I could probably no joke come up with a favorite 200 songs from musicals!

What are your favorites and what do you think of my picks?  Are you enjoying this series on the blog?  I hope so.

On an unrelated note I came up with a series I am going to do with my favorite General Conference talks from my LDS Church leaders.  If you have any favorites you’d like me to consider let me know.  Thanks so much!



Halloween and a Visit from Julia

Over the last few years my friend Julia and I have been exchanging visits.  It is truly the most lovely thing.   I go to Vegas to see her, she comes to SLC to visit me.  These trips have ranged from a weekend to a full week and have been at all different times of the year.  Honestly, is there anything better than a visit from a friend?  I don’t think there is and our visits are no exception.  We usually pack in a lot of activities and experiences but more than that, we just in enjoy being together.  (I’m still trying to convince her to move her…Someday!).

So it is with this history that made me especially delighted when last Sunday Julia called me and said she’d like to make a visit this week.  She asked if it was ok and if she could stay with me!  I was thrilled!  Julia arrived on Thursday and left on Monday, so it was a nice sized trip that was a lot of fun.

I am including some highlight photos below with descriptions.  Saturday was my Halloween party, which was a great success.  There was practically too many people!  We had fun playing wii karaoke, wii sports, Halloween charades and watching It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  We also had a costume contest with entries as diverse as the Norton salt girl, a ladybug and a football player.  I think everyone who came had a good time.  I certainly did.  It was one of the best parties I have ever hosted alone, which was great because I have had a few duds lately.  I needed a win!  Thanks to all who came and made it fun.  The only funny thing about the party is that nobody ate any food/candy.  It was like a dieters party.  Strange hah? So now I have bags and bags of candy that I suppose I will save and give to the sweet stand at Festival of Trees. Still, it is taunting me until then.  Candy, candy, candy…

On Friday Julia and I went up to BYU, saw the museum and had lunch with Anna. They had a neat exhibit using mirrors and light.
Then we did some shopping and Julia looked pretty cute in this hat!
Then Friday night we went to Buca di Bepo which was a place from our mission. Then we stayed the night in the SLC Radison. In the morning we took the tour of the welfare square. Great time!
The Halloween party turned out great. Julia was such a help.
halloween party
Doesn't the table spread look great! I was so proud.
This is a new friend Caron who was the Norton Salt girl. She made that jacket. Isn't that impressive?
Monday we went for a scenic drive to see what's left of the fall color. It was beautiful.




















I really like this picture of me. After the scenic drive we went to Where the Wild Things and loved it. Very creative. What a great weekend!

Does it make all you far away friends want to come out for a visit?  I hope so!  I am always thrilled to have visitors.  Please come!