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Speed Dating and Sisters

Tonight I am exhausted but wanted to give you an update on my last weekend.

It all started on Friday with my most recent 8 at 8 singles activity.  I was expecting  around 15 people and to my shock 56 people came.  I felt kind of bad that I wasn’t more organized but luckily everyone was easy going and the restaurant was very good to us (especially because I had been confused over the reservation).  I am also very grateful to a girl in the group named Carly who took a leadership role on the activity and saved the day. I still can’t believe that so many people came!  Who knew speed dating would get such a crowd?

speed dating 3 speed dating 1 speed dating 2

Saturday and Sunday I spent with  my sisters Megan and Anna.  Meg was in town for the weekend on a special discounted airfare from a an airline called allegiant airlines.  I think her ticket was around $100.  Just as a point of contrast my last ticket to California was nearly $400, so its a tremendous bargain.

Sometimes I think the small breather of a trips are the best and most refreshing.  Doesn’t give you enough time to be sick of each other and you don’t have to do as much bending to change work, school and other schedules around to accommodate  visitors.  We kept it pretty simple but went to my favorite bakery Bake 360, watched Best in Show and then Sunday took a walk on Draper trail, taking a photo by the dinosaur a resident has in their backyard (random I know).

meg and I anna and meg bake 3602

One last update, I have been having success in my work and in preparing for Slam the Dam.  I feel confident in both.  Just today my boss said I was a ‘lifesaver’.  It meant a lot to me especially given I was gone for so long.  The other great thing was that I truly took a vacation and hardly worked at all for the 10 days I was gone.  I haven’t done that in nearly all my adult work-life.  I’m not exaggerating with that statement.  When I worked for JWA I worked so much my boss had to tell me to get off the computer and enjoy Hawaii.  The same when I was doing the rentals full time and definitely true when I worked for Grabber.

I’m not trying to sound ungrateful for my past work experiences.  Far from it.  I’m just grateful to Poler for allowing me to take a real break from work.  It may also be that I am learning to let go and relax a little more but I doubt it?  Either way, I’m grateful for my job.

Bake 360

Bakery in all its delights
Bake 360

When there is a local establishment that does great work I like to use my blog to give a little shout out and maybe try to promote it in my own little way.  One such place is a bakery in my hometown of Draper, Utah called Bake 360.  I can honestly say it is as good if not better than any bakery I’ve ever been to.  Everything is meticulously made and you feel guilty tearing into it (in more ways than one) because they are so pretty, works of art really.

Just to show you I’m not alone here are some of the yelp reviews:

An exhaustive review is unnecessary – Just go! Right now!
I’ve tried most of the items in that majestic glass case and every single one is phenomenal. Eclairs? Delicious


After one visit to Bake 360 I would now trade my Elvis collectible dolls, the contents of my secret lockbox (doh!), and what’s left of my dignity for just one more visit to Bake 360…


Oh, the poor tattered remains of my diet….After our Saturday visit where we ordered a fairly stupid haul of pastries to sample, my wife asked how much the damage was.  When I gave her a figure in the low $20 range, she was gobsmacked.  The love and care that goes into each product is evident and while paying a bit more might have been understandable, I really appreciate the effort to keep things reasonable.


I’ve only been there three times since I discovered the place a month ago (and one time I didn’t even eat anything –   I just smelled the air and bought stuff for friends.  No, no – real friends.  Not “air quotes” friends).

Things I might have said recently about Bake 360:

I really didn’t mean to get in my car, drive 10.24 miles, and purchase baked goods there.  It just happened.

I haven’t gone there like, 26 out of the last 30 days.  So I don’t have a problem.

Those are not crumbs all over my car.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I wouldn’t have to go if there were better bakeries close by.


My name is Kristin.  And I’m a Bake 360-aholic


Well, that should give you some ideas.  They always have a wide selection of pastries including scones, kouing aman, chocolate croissants and apricot pastries with pastry cream.

pastries to die for!
pastries to die for!

If you aren’t in the mood for pastries they have a whole case of other desserts like eclairs, brownies, cheesecakes and tarts.  All are some of the best I’ve ever had.

The case to die for
The case to die for

Some particular standouts are the creme fraiche cheesecake and raspberry tarts.

raspberry tart. So good!
Best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Sorry Mom
Eclairs. The one with the caramel sauce, holy cow!
Yes, that is one brownie. Dark chocolate dipped in dark chocolate ganache. Hint one glass of milk wasn’t enough

My trainer says if you are going to have a treat make it a ‘hell yeah’ treat.  Meaning don’t waste your calories on some lame cookie.  Get something really good.  Bake 360 totally fits that bill.  They even have pastry classes I’m dieing to take.   Although they say you only take the class to realize you should buy them!

The service is also great at Bake 360.  The staff is all well versed on every item including explanations as to where ingredients were sourced and how it was prepared. They even have french macaroons for the gluten free crowd (although not always in stock).

The only flaw with Bake 360 is there is no seating so you have to take your treat elsewhere; however, there is a coffee shop called Dancing Yetti’s next store that makes all kinds of drinks and has 2 sofas, so in a pinch you can bring your treats there and get a drink.  The lack of seating keeps the prices down and you can get a lot of pastries for under $20.

Check it out!  You won’t regret it.


New Space

I first want to apologize for my tardiness in posting.  I have been working like a pack mule lately trying to get this sales tax project done for Grabber. I won’t get into the boring details but suffice it to say the last month I have put in 207.5 hours of total work.   This includes working every weekend and even on my Birthday.  On the plus side I have billed a lot of hours and made money- something I sorely lacked when I was sick for like 3 months.

In between all of this work I have had one exciting development.  Last Saturday my roommate moved out to work at a job in Idaho near her family.  I debated for a few seconds whether I should get a new roommate to replace her but I decided instead to turn her room into an office/guest room.  I purchased a futon sofa that folds out into a full size bed.  The futon cushion is a real mattress with springs and everything.  I got it on Craigslist for a great deal.    It’s perfect for overnight guests! In addition to the bed I have a TV that my uncle Tom is letting me use.  It is one of those old school tube tv’s but the picture is great.  I admire that Tom could carry it up to my apartment.  The thing is heavy!  It took me 2 tries to get it on the exepedit shelf I bought from Ikea.   The rest of the room is taken up by the office portion.  I have my lovely desk and chair that I bought at Pier 1. It is the best because it is a manageable size.  So many of the desks I found were these large monstrosities.  Plus, this desk has a little bit of charm.  It is the only “nice” piece of furniture I own.  Someday I hope to have many pieces from Pier 1 and similar stores!

Anyway, I have lots of storage in the new room/bathroom which I am taking full advantage of.  With more space my entire apartment feels neater and more put-together.  It’s funny because you would think I would be more inclined to be neat living with another person but I find the opposite is true.  My old roommate was awesome but not the cleanest person in the world and I think the two of us were sometimes not the best at motivating each other to be clean.  Particularly with vacuuming.  One time she was surprised that I was vacuuming again after about 3 weeks!  I told her- “some people vacuum every day!”.   (It’s funny how cleanliness is such a relative thing.  There are many people who would think I am a total slob and others who would find me too clean. ).

Finishing off my new space is a separate bathroom for guests and while I work.  I have stocked it with towels (I donated my old towels to that bathroom and bought new ones for me!).  Plus, I went out and bought shampoo, conditioner and the like for any guests.  I really mean this when I say- come and visit!

This might sound ridiculous but having this new space has been incredible.  I don’t think I realized how all-encompassing particularly my work had become.  Now I have  way to separate it- a way to shut the door and be done.  It’s strange how a mental thing like that really does make a difference in my happiness but it does.    I feel liberated!  I can actually watch television without having my computer staring at me tempting me to “just check my email…it will only take a second”.  It’s hard to explain how great that is.  Now I am just kicking myself for having waited so long to get my own office.  While it was great having roommates, there is no comparison to the happiness I feel from being able to turn work off.

Here you can see the new space.   I am working on my video skills and clearly have some room for improvement but at least it will give you an idea of the new space!  Come and visit- come and visit- come and visit!

Things I am NOT

On September 15th Draper City had a primary election for its mayoral and councilperson races.  As I have never missed an election (even on my mission) this was no exception and I dutifully filled out my absentee ballot.  Before doing so I read the candidate bio sheet to try and make an informed decision.  It was interesting how most of the candidates shared credit for the same things and boasted the same qualifications- with one major exception.  A candidate named Mark Barrett said the following on his bio page:

-Not a land developer
-Not a personal friend of land developers
-Concerned citizen representing my neighbors best interests

I didn’t know that not doing something was a qualification and if it is I don’t know why he stopped at land developing.  Why not add “I am not an adulterer or a murderer”.  How about “I am not stupid or a klutz?”.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were judged by what we are not?  I think all of us would be able to add much more to our qualification list! I for one am not an Olympian, not a hair-dresser, not a supermodel, not a astrophysicist, not Miss America.  If you read over that list quickly I sound pretty amazing!

I wonder if Mark wanted to be elected at all? Surely he has some real qualifications.  It’s not like it is president- just Draper City Council!