Today I Bought Dandelion Crayons

Last week if you had asked me what a dandelion crayon was I might have looked at you like you were nuts. Yet today I bought two 24 packs of Crayola crayons for dandelion crayons. Why this sudden attachment? Well, Crayola announced a few days ago they are discontinuing the dandelion crayon. This actually makes a lot of sense for them since they already have yellow, apricot, white and red orange, which would all work for coloring dandelions. I mean how often do you really need a mustard yellow crayon? So, why did this news make me a little sad and send me out to buy crayon boxes? I’m honestly not exactly sure.

I think part of it is a resistance to change. Sometimes it feels like everything is changing all around me. Of course, we have important stuff happening in politics but then stupid stuff like Batman killing in movies and Superman getting murdered. Why does everything have to change? I just saw Beauty and the Beast remade and changed and a million other remakes are coming. Now they are taking away the dandelion crayon.

I suppose there was a side of me that wanted to hold on to something that is still the way it was when I was little. The 24 pack had dandelion crayons when I was drawing as a little girl and now it wouldn’t. When I was 8 or 9 there was a special photograph you could have taken by these big giant crayons. I wanted my picture by them so badly! There I am smiling and happy and what am I next to? Why it’s a dandelion crayon.

In a few weeks that will be gone. I’m getting more towards 40 every day but I suppose sometimes I miss that smiling girl who didn’t have to worry about all these hard things. I just wanted to get my photo taken by a dandelion crayon.

So yes today I bought dandelion crayons and some coloring books. I plan on coloring to my little hearts content and using as much dandelion as I can.

Winners 3/26/2017

Each week I try to celebrate things I believe are winners. This is an effort to be positive and focus on the many good things out there to enjoy!

This week’s winners are:

  1. Utah Bands- For this week’s Friday 5 over on my youtube channel the topic was bands from you hometown so I picked 5 bands/groups from Utah! This proved to be really fun
  2. Murder on the Orient Express- I finished reading the classic mystery novel by Agatha Christie this week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She does such a good job building characters and giving clues. I really like Poirot almost as much as Sherlock Holmes. Reading the book made me excited for the upcoming movie directed by Kenneth Branaugh.
  3. Power Rangers and Smurfs: Lost Village come through- I am always a fan of underdogs and this week I got 2 surprisingly decent films. I enjoyed both The Power Rangers Movie and Smurfs: the Lost Village. Neither is perfect but I was entertained by both.  Check out my blog and youtube channel for reviews of both. What are your winners? What books, music, movies or anything else have you been enjoying?

15 Years since BYU

It seems hard for me to believe but the next few weeks marks a milestone in my life. It will be 15 years since I graduated with my bachelors degree from Brigham Young University (BYU)! It really seems impossible that 15 years has come and gone.

One of the things I envy about those who have kids is they have more concrete evidence of their growth as people. This person didn’t exist and now they do. I have no such evidence. In many ways I feel the same as I did back in 2002 getting my degree. For all intensive purposes how different is my life? I work every day, go to church on Sunday and develop my hobbies just like I did back then.

Nevertheless, I will always look back at my time at BYU as the happiest time of my life. It was a time of great growth, soul searching and closeness to God that I will never forget. My mission was also an extreme learning experience but that was more polishing. The real grunt work happened at BYU.

After growing up with little church support it was so important to be surrounded by people with shared values. I remember when we said a prayer before my science class and I started to cry. Where else could you say a prayer before a science class? What a liberating and beautiful thing!

Most people probably have grand ideas of what they want to do coming out of college. Not me. I just wanted to finish and have a great life. I’ve never been much of a dreamer in that way. I remember my friend Raelene had this long list of the house she wanted and the other bucket list things she wanted to do in life. That was never me. I was just thrilled to have achieved my dream of going to BYU. I didn’t need anything more.

Since then I have served a mission and had a number of jobs including working as an accounting clerk for nearly 10 years. Now I work from home in marketing and I think that might surprise my former self as I was a very social person back then. Now that social life is mostly fulfilled by means like twitter and facebook. It’s hard to imagine I once didn’t have those tools and survived quite well. I believe 2002 was the first year I ever got a cell phone if that puts things in perspective.

If I could give my young self advice I’d say to be patient and that being single aint that bad. I’d say quit that horrible job in 2005 instead of hanging on until 2007 and being miserable. Don’t be afraid to take risks and make sure you are making memories instead of gliding through life. And I’d say ‘you just lost Grandpa and yep you still miss him all these years later’.

It’s funny because I really don’t use my degree much aside from basic writing, editing and reading skills. However, I am certainly grateful I had my college experience and can look back with nostalgia at such a happy time in my life. I am grateful for all I learned and the person it helped me to become.

I can’t believe it has been 15 years! How is that possible?

Well, all I have o say is GO COUGARS!!

Faerie Tale Theater

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! I just wanted to share with you all a review I just posted for my Family Movie Night Series. In this case it is not technically a movie that I am talking about. Today I look at a television show from my youth called Faerie Tale Theater. It ran during the 80s and has a bunch of famous people all reenacting different famous fairy tales like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Little Mermaid and more. The production behind these mini-films are hokey and cheap by today’s standards but there is a lot of enthusiasm and loved put in that make a difference. I love how true to the original stories they are with darker themes and endings explored. I also love that the actors seem to be having the time of their lives.

It seems like a lot of my friends in Utah watched the show, so I’m not sure if it aired more here than other places but it was a lot of fun. It kind of feels like Once Upon a Time does now. That has a continuing story-line but it celebrates fairy tales in kind of a hokey way. Some people will be distracted by the cheesy production design but if you can get behind that then there really is something there to enjoy.

What made me think about it is there seems to be this insatiable appetite for these live action Disney remakes with Beauty and the Beast being the latest. I have been mixed on these remakes but many others have loved all of them. I think just like I liked seeing the live action fairy tales told in Faerie Tale Theater, kids today like seeing these live action movies. They fill that faerie tale loving niche!

So did you watch Faerie Tale Theater? What did you think of it? You can purchase the dvds on amazon or watch many on youtube.  Let me know what you think!

My New Disney Ranking!

Recently on my Disney blog I posted my latest ranking of all 56 Disney Animated Classics. Would love your thoughts!

Reviewing All 56 Disney Animated Films And More!

You guys know I don’t really like doing rankings. It’s just so tough to order films when I like things for different reasons. However, there is something about the task I find impossible to resist especially when I have just finished a project. Recently over on my youtube channel I finished reviewing the Disney Canon and I’m very proud of how it came out.

To finish the project I felt I needed to do a new ranking that reflected my new thoughts on some of the films. On this rewatch some films I liked more and others less. Here is my new ranking video:

Here is my original ranking video:

Let’s break down the various changes.

First of all there 3 new additions:

Moana came in at 14th

Zootopia at 16

Big Hero 6 at 26

We have a new top and bottom spot:

I decided to go with my…

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Winners 2/27/17

Today is the next entry in my series expressing positivity about the world around me. We are talking winners for the last week! I hope you guys had a good week. It has been busy for me but great as well.

Best Picture Nominees

wp-1488244788878.jpgI ended up rewatching a lot of the Oscar films last week including a bunch in the theater including Arrival, Manchester by the Sea and Lion. Some call it Oscar bait but I loved Lion. I thought it was a beautiful story, about ordinary people that was stunningly shot and acted.  Everyone should see it. Arrival was better for me on the rewatch although still one of my least favorite of the nominees. I felt it should have been bigger, showing us more of the pods when instead it was very small, focusing on just one person’s experience. But it is still a good film and I appreciate how bold it was.

Many of these films are R rated so they won’t be for everyone but if you feel you can tolerate the content give them a watch. I have reviews for most of them on my blog at

Producers Behind La La Land and Moonlight

oscar-upsetSo last night at the Oscars the wrong envelope was given and the wrong film was named as the winner.  The producers behind La La Land gave their speeches and then found out they didn’t win and that Moonlight won. It was a chaotic, brutal moment but I give a lot of credit to both groups of artists behind the films for how they handled it. It’s got to be tough to have an Oscar in your hand, be giving the most important speech in your life and then find out oops I didn’t win. And then it has to be hard to accept the award on the part of Moonlight and take the statue away from the La La Land folks. Either way they handled it beautifully and are both winners in my book.


moonlightSpeaking of Moonlight- congrats on winning best picture. I feel bummed that their tremendous accomplishment is being outshadowed by this botched ending. Moonlight won’t be for everyone who reads this blog but I was moved by it. The great thing about film is when it can allow you to walk around in someone else’s shoes for a couple of hours and see the world through their point of view. Moonlight is about a gay young man growing up in inner-city America but it is not a gay messaging movie. It’s just about this person’s life.

Chiron is played by 3 different actors and they each show a unique segment of his life. I thought they tied in beautifully together and particularly the second act was completely devastating. The third act didn’t work quite as well for me because I didn’t buy the two men in the story would reunite the way they did. It took something very realistic into a bit of melodrama for me that I didn’t think quite worked. But it still is a very strong film that I recommend. The score is also one of the best of the year and it is so well written and directed by Barry Jenkins.

Winder Dairy-


My last winner for the week is Winder Dairy. Through their service I am able to get milk delivered each week direct to my door. And it’s not just any milk but delicious milk. My brother says it is the best milk he’s ever had. Plus, they have a lot of other groceries you can get and just start a new meal delivery service much like Blue Apron.  You should definitely check out the services of Winder Dairy and use link to sign up.

So that’s it for this week. What are some of your winners for the week and what did you think of the Oscars?