Month: June 2015

Smilingldsgirl on Periscope

So friends I have found a new social media I am enjoying playing with.  (I know just when you thought there couldn’t be more there is!).  It’s called periscope and I highly recommend downloading the app if you can.  It was just made available for android so pretty much anyone with a smartphone can access it.  It’s like youtube and blogging had a baby.  You are able to broadcast live video to your social media and to the world.

People broadcast all kinds of things and part of the fun of it is watching what other people are doing. Like a few days ago I was watching someone make chicken for their family and they were hilarious.

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-11-02-17-45.pngPeople are talking about everything on periscope and you can give a video you are watching hearts if you like what they are doing and add comments.  I still haven’t mastered the art of talking to people while I periscope but I’ll get there! It’s kind of like skype but broadcast to the world instead of just a 2 way conversation. It’s kind of like the modern day version of people watching but you can watch someone from Spain make lunch from Utah!

It’s an extremely easy app to use.  You hook your account to twitter or tumblr, give your video a name and then tap it twice to change from selfie to regular view.  When you are done you move your fingers towards the bottom of the phone and it will stop the broadcast.  You can also block people if they are being offensive in any way and you can decide if you want your phone to save the broadcasts or not.

I’m still getting the hang of it but I love it because it reminds me of the old days of blogging when it really was just me talking to the world.  I didn’t worry as much about having a polished product that is edited and professional.  There’s something refreshing about that.

Plus I love seeing creative things people come up with and how cheerful most people are.  If you are feeling down go on periscope.  I guarantee you there will be someone on there that will be happy.  The comments are short so not as mean spirited as youtube can get and there is no thumbs down or dislike.  Just hearts!

I really love it and have already done 6 broadcasts- most of them around 3 minutes.  Check it out.

If you are on periscope (and if not I highly recommend it!) please follow me @smilingldsgirl  and if you have any ideas on what you would like me to persicope on let me know.  I’ll probably be doing some this weekend as I am seeing both When Marnie was There and Jurassic World.  Plus I am meeting some of my fellow podcast fans for brunch Saturday so I could see us periscoping then  (periscoping is different than podcasting because podcasting people can listen repeatedly to the broadcast and usually is edited).  This is just a one time live broadcast.

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-11-02-17-03.pngIt’s a lot of fun and I think you will really enjoy it.  Are any of you on persicope already? Let me know your handles.  What do you like to persicope about and what kind of videos do you like to watch?

GSL Open Water Swim 2015

My friends I am a finisher!  Today marks my 4th finish at the Great Salt Lake Open Water 1 Mile Swim!

gsl1This year it was my own fault I was nervous because I hadn’t trained that much.  It had also been since the last GSL swim that I had swam in a race and only twice in practice.  A side of me wondered if this would be the year where I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  I really did.

gsl3Luckily my friend Etsuko decided to swim this year and she was so great to drive and get me out the door in the water!  All my friends are amazingly supportive and put up with my worrying.  Thanks guys!

Last week I was really worried because my sleep had been especially bad.  Not getting to bed till 3 or even 4 and then settling with 4 hours of sleep or less was brutal.  I was afraid I’d show up to the race with only 3 hours of sleep!  But then the strangest thing happened.  All of the sudden this Wednesday- Friday I went to sleep earlier and I found I was waking up earlier (very unusual for me).  It ended up being no problem waking up at 6:30 for the race which I thought was a mini-miracle.

It felt very old-school at the race with a lot of faces I haven’t seen at races for a while.  My friend Kate was there and she totally rocked her swim.  She finished 6th in the one mile!

gsl4The oldest swimmer in the one mile was 63!  That’s what is so great about this sport.  You can participate at most any age.  What a blessing!

It was a little nerve-wracking because the weather report was calling for storms starting as early as 9 am.  We had some strong wind but nothing that stopped the race thank goodness.

This year because the water was so low we did not do the straight shot to the Black Rock beach.  It was a loop starting on a beach and then looping some buoys and heading back to the  marina for the finish line.  At first it felt a little bit like Utah Lake because it was so shallow.  We went way out practically to the first buoy on feet before beginning to swim.  This time I decided to break up the swim in 50 stroke batches which was good because the wind was very strong.

The first segments were definitely the most difficult as the wind was pushing us around pretty strongly.  I ended up doing a lot of breaststroke so I could keep my eye on the buoy especially at that beginning.  The problem was I had my eye on the wrong buoy!  So, I ended up backpedaling and doing more work than I needed to do.  Stupid me!


One of the advantages to being last is I get a lot of paddling support, meaning the kayakers are there to kelp and encourage me.  This is very motivating and their kayaks give you something to sight (which I am not very good at anyway).  Because I was mixing up the breaststroke and freestyle  I didn’t worry too much about sighting on the freestyle but it is something I am working on.

The kayaker, my friend Sarah, was great, encouraging me to stop less and the last 2 segments I got with very little stopping.  She also helped me get some water  and other assistance.  Thanks Sarah!

Open water swimming is the strangest thing because the buoys really do feel like mirages, that you are never going to get there.  It seems like you are on a swim treadmill sometimes and not getting anywhere.  The key is to not worry about anyone else and in the words of Dory “just keep swimming”.

And that my friends is what I did- I just kept swimming.  I didn’t give up.  I pushed on through and I am a finisher!!  Wahoo!

This makes it the 8th official (91th unofficial) race I’ve swam and finished in.  I am proud of what I have done.  Proud and grateful.  I promise if there is anything in your life which you want to do but fear you can’t- go for it!  If I can do it you can too.  Surround yourself with good people, prepare more than I did and go for it! What have you got to lose after all?

One day it could be you looking down at your medals reminiscing about every last race they correspond with.  What a blessed person I am.  Thank you Salt Lake Open Water and thank you for supporting less than perfect swimmers in the club.  I feel so blessed and now on to Bear Lake and Deer Creek!

medals(Sorry if this post is a little disjointed.  I’m super tired from the race).

My Favorite Books Video

Just wanted to share this with all of you guys.  I made a video on some of my favorite books.  Of course as soon as I finished I realized I had forgotten Jane Eyre and Howard’s End- 2 of my favorites.  Oh well.  These are very good!

I would love it if you would give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you are not already.  This video is a little bit longer so maybe more of a podcast length.  Put it on while you are doing busy work and I think you will enjoy it.

Here’s just the top 3 if you don’t feel like watching the long one.

Are any of the books I mention favorites of yours?  Please comment here or on the video.  Thanks!