Day: February 25, 2015

Sleep and Spoilers

A reminder of what is and isn’t a spoiler. Urgh…

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This is kind of a random post with 2 topics that don’t really go together. But this is my blog and I can do that if I want… 😉

Any reader to my blog knows I have struggled for years with insomnia.  Pretty much my whole life but it’s been particularly bad the last 3 years at times leaving me with little to no sleep for days at a time.  This can be very stressful and mentally debilitating.

Since 2012 I’ve tried everything from sleep labs to to medicine to psychoanalysis to solve the problem with nothing really providing any complete solutions.  This has led to my latest solution- stop caring so much!  I’ve decided recently to just go to sleep when I need to sleep and enjoy the time I am awake.

Naturally I still have to work in the morning but I’ve also stopped planning anything if I…

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What Are You Reading?

Hey guys. Sorry it has been a few days since I posted. My sleep, or lack there of, has been ruling my life. Saturday night I got 2 hours of sleep and it has been extremely stressful. I couldn’t go to church passed sacrament meeting on Sunday because I got a migraine and couldn’t take it any more.

I’ve been trying to read a little more or at least listen to audiobooks as part of my strategy to get tired.  What have you been reading?  I would love to hear some recommendations.

Please share in the comments section.  Sometimes it can be so tough to find new books worth reading and a book is different than a movie.  It’s more of an investment in time and characters which makes it harder to find good ones but more rewarding when you do. It’s been a while since I found a new book that really excited me.  Hard to think of one since Edenbrooke in 2012.  Sigh…

I honestly miss finding that book which takes you away from your problems and makes you feel special for knowing these characters and plot. It’s the best thing ever.

So please send me your recommendations and I will get reading again!