10 Most Overrated Movies

Over the years I’ve done blogs about movies I love, animated movies, movies I hate, movies about work, individual movie profiles and I could go on.  One thing I have yet to do is take down the movies I think are royally overrated- meaning critics or fans love them, me not so much.  These are not necessarily bad movies.  I just think they aren’t as good as they are touted to be.  Basically I was expecting to be wowed and left feeling blahhh.

I know some of you will be exasperated by my choices so please leave your comments.


1. Good Will Hunting (97% on Rottentomates.com)- This is a movie I hate but it is also vastly overrated.  To think Ben and Matt won an Oscar for writing boggles my mind.  The screenplay is obvious, sentimental and is copied from a million other movies.  As someone who has experience, the therapy sessions don’t ring true and the language is ridiculous.  Somehow curse words end up being nouns, adjectives and verbs.  That is an Oscar winning script?

The reason I hate Good Will Hunting is it is the perfect example of the oversimplification Hollywood gives when tackling mental illness.  Will has serious issues but the therapy is trite and only received through the connections of high brow professors at MIT seeing him as ‘exceptional’ and then it is only through embracing those avenues that his life has any meaning.  How much more interesting would a movie be about a janitor who isn’t rescued by the elite but deals with mental illness in a real authentic way and lives a normal life.


2. Moneyball-(95% on Rottentomatoes.com)- My friend Emily and I rented this movie with high hopes.  With a high RT score and favorable reviews from friends, we were expecting to enjoy the film.  Sadly we were both disappointed.   Everyone had told me that it is a ‘baseball movie for those who don’t like baseball’.  I don’t get that at all.  I thought it went on and on about baseball, how they were making up the teams, what players to acquire and why.  All that and you didn’t even get the satisfaction of the tense game with the big plays. It was all board rooms and talk about baseball…

And I like baseball.  I’m not the biggest fan in the world but I don’t hate it either.  I used to go to Camden Yards and watch Cal Ripken play (that would be a good movie).  The language was also more than we expected from the PG-13.  I also wish the characters had been better developed, especially the relationship with Brad Pitt and his daughter.  It was an after thought used to provide music throughout the movie.


3. Dark Knight- (94% on Rottentomatoes.com) I know.  The hate mail can start.  I did not like the Dark Knight.  I can’t say I was expecting to like it.  In fact, I had fought watching it for months and months but finally my friends pushed me into renting it.  It is a very well made movie and well acted but I did not enjoy watching it.  I found it creepy, sad, dark, and gloomy.  I had nightmares for weeks.

I seem to be alone in my dislike of the Dark Knight and I’m ok with that.  Superhero movies have never been my cup of tea so I guess that’s part of it and batman is a particularly annoying superhero.  He growls and grimaces and begrudgingly helps people. Half the time you can’t understand his mumbling and the villains are always more interesting (that’s something I dislike in all superhero movies).


4. American Graffiti- (97% on Rottentomatoes) A lot of people think this is George Lucas’ thoughtful film.  To be honest, I thought it was a big bore. Granted it has been a while since I saw it but I didn’t see what the fuss was about.  I guess I don’t care about cars and would rather just listen to the soundtrack all day.  The characters were bland and obvious and I was bored.


5. Breakfast Club-  (91% on Rottentomatoes).  Maybe I would have appreciated this movie more if I was a teen in 1985 (I was only 4 when it was released).  I didn’t see it until a few years ago and I’d heard how great it was.  I wonder if it would be better as a play?  It feels like a play with a group of high school students and if I went to that play I’d probably like it but as a movie I was underwhelmed.

All of the kids are more caricatures than characters and perhaps that is the way things are in high school but it made the script very predictable.  You’ve got the jock, the popular girl, the bad boy, the druggy, the brainiac. They all behave basically the way you expect them to and in a movie that is a total character piece (no sets outside of library, no special effects, just script) that doesn’t work.

The music is great.  I will give it that.


6. Social Network- (96% on Rottentomatoes.com) I guess I just don’t like Aaron Sorkin’s writing because I thought Social Network was way overrated.  To me it took the easy way out and made the rich guy the enemy.  Surely Mark Zuckerberg is more complicated and interesting than the idea thief he is painted as here.  Why not get a little bit into his head?  Tell a little of his backstory?

If the point of the movie was to profile just facebook and not Mark it gets too distracted from its point.  I did like the montages of when facebook was first being developed but there is so  much more to the site that isn’t really delved into.  Why do we feel a need (myself included) to share our lives with the world?  What was present in the society in 2003 to make facebook so popular? I don’t feel like I got any of that.  Instead, it was a court procedural with the big rich guy looking awkward and one-note.


7. Godfather- (100% on Rottentomatoes.com) Another one that will probably get hate mail.  I had heard how great this movie is.  It is even quoted in one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, as the ultimate guy movie.  Maybe that is why I thought it was a big bore?  I get the symbolism that the Godfather promises us happiness if we will only obey just like God offers (I had an entire lecture on this topic at BYU!).

Truth is, with all the shootings and mob-vengeance, I thought the Godfather was boring.  The story is so slow moving and I didn’t care about any of the characters.  They were all pretty slimy.  It is beautifully filmed and the acting is quite good but I fell asleep. I’m told the 2nd one is better but maybe its just not my genre?


8. Titanic- (88% on Rottentomatoes.com).  Growing up in the 90s you either saw this movie 12 times in the theater or rolled your eyes when all your friends talked about it.  I was in the latter group.  In fact, I avoided seeing it until I was on a plane traveling to Italy in 1998.  I haven’t watched it again because I thought it was so dumb the first time.

Am I made of stone you ask?  Not quite.  I have seen documentaries about the Titanic where I was genuinely moved but in this movie version the only people I really cared about (although not much) were Jack and Rose.  Thousands were drowning and the only one that seemed worthy of any emotion was Leonardo DiCaprio.  The romance is so sappy and stupid.  It is pretty much a soap opera on a ship and a boring one at that.


9. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon- (97% on Rottentomatoes.com)  This would be a good martial arts movie but I HATE THE FLYING!  The flying while technically smooth and skilled took me out of the scene every time.  Why fight at all if someone can just fly away at a moments notice?  There are fights in this movie that are literally stopped at their peak so a character can fly off?

Even with other good things in the movie I couldn’t get over the flying.  Too distracting.  Its like they took the fight scenes in The Matrix and went nuts and it just doesn’t work for me. Totally overrated.


10. The Graduate- (88% on Rottentomatoes.com).  I must admit I had always been curious to watch this movie because of the music and it is alluded to all the time on the Simpsons which made me wonder.  The visuals are great and the acting I suppose is fine but I thought the story was really dumb.

First of all, why is it somehow edgy and cool for an older woman to prey on a younger man but not the reverse?  Mrs. Robinson is creepy and sad, yet the only character in the story with any real personality.  You don’t get to know Ben or his bride Elaine and are quite baffled with his choice at the end.  (The Graduate also started the dramatic ‘leaving at alter’, wedding scene we’ve seen a million times).  Am I supposed to feel sorry for any of these characters?  I certainly don’t like any of them.

Also I think the theme of The Graduate is supposed to be about finding your own path and bucking the traditions of your parents but how is that going to make the characters happy?  It seems their choices are lousy and will lead them to a lot of sadness, especially if they marry without any love.  Why is this not explored at all? I felt no sense of satisfaction or triumph when Elaine and Ben leave the wedding but only hope that they wouldn’t be together and that someone would knock some sense into them. I guess this is an interesting line of thought but not explored enough to make the movie compelling.

So yes, it is pretty to look at with cool pool shots and camera angles but that does not a good movie make.


Ok.  That’s my list.  What do you think?  Are you outraged?  Agree?  Please share your comments and what movies you think are overrated.

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  1. Lisa Marie Luddington
    I disagree on many of these. but I will point out that in hidden tiger croaching dragon…they fly because it is deeply imbedded in the culture. In most Chinese movies great masters of karate can move like they are flying. It doesn’t translate well to American straight laced rational ideals….but it is very culturally accurate for the movies purposes. The fact that Americans valued it as a movie at.all is quite a achievement.c

    1. I agree with “Good Will Hunting.” What propelled this movie into the hearts of critics, Oscar voters, and viewers was the (presumably) heartwarming story of 2 young stars (Damon and Affleck) hitting it big by writing the script and insisting that they star in it. Their diligent work paid off. Media hype was so heavy moviegoers fell for it, and “Good Will” became a must-see. Every so often a kind of mass psychosis takes over, making a large number of people believe a bad movie like “Good Will Hunting” is a masterpiece. So shamelessly phony is it that it boggles my mind that such dreck won an Oscar for best original screenplay

      1. Yeah I think you are right on. A lot of these I’ve come around on and most I didn’t dislike I just didn’t LOVE like others. People took it as I hated them which was far from the truth. Oh well. Certainly caused a lot of conversation. I now have an entire blog just for movie reviews you should check out 54disneyreviews.wordpress.com.

        1. OK, I think the question is what makes a good movie ? Well, it has to be a combination of directing, acting and screenplay. And I believe the objective is to make a good drama. One that’s enjoyable to watch. Yes, I agree, I think that Good Will Hunting is the most overrated movie of all time by a thousand percent ! And that The Godfather is a zillion times better than Good Will Hunting. If that’s the case, how can you compare both movies as being equally overrated?? That’s like saying that On The Waterfront and Casablanca are just as good a drama as an Ed Wood movie or The Adventures of Pluto Nash !! You are rating the movies by whether or not you liked them and not by if a much lower rating is warranted or not, which is what a good film critic would do !! We’re talking about HIGHLY overrated movies, not your preference in movies. And The Godfather just doesn’t qualify ! I think you picked The Godfather just because it had one of the highest RT ratings. In fact, I think you just picked the ten highest rated movies that you didn’t like. Silence of The Lambs had all 3 components of an excellent movie which you failed to include in your selection. And so did One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ! Which both won the four major Oscar’s ! Nebraska was nominated for Best Picture in 2014. Excellent movie ! But I didn’t like it much ! If you’re gonna be a movie critic and have a blog about overrated movies, then be objective and not subjective. Unless of course your blog is about “My Favorite Movies”. Personally, I think you’re a blogger and not necessarily a movie critic ! Besides, anyone who’s favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail” and went to BYU is, if you don’t mind me saying, totally oblivious to what a good movie is or isn’t.

        2. You started out making such great points but then had to close out with personal insults. Too bad. I wrote this when I was just a personal blogger and I agree it wasnt that objective. Now that I’ve been movie blogging on my other blog since 2014 I’ve seen a lot more films and come around on most of these. I didn’t think they were awful to begin with. I just didnt think they were as great as others seemed too.
          But then I still love You’ve Got Mail and am a proud BYU grad so probably best if you find another blogger you can respect

      2. I agree totally on Good Will Hunting, Titanic, and Dark Knight. Good Will Hunting was unrealistic and implausible on multiple levels. No one is a genius is as many areas as he is, and if they were in any area, they still wouldn’t have a personality resembling his. And I always hate the message that things come easy to you if you’re special, as opposed to everyone has to work hard.

        Titanic was a poor parody of the evil rich and innocent happy poor theme.

        I think some of these are a matter of living at the right time to appreciate the culture—like Breakfast Club. And I don’t know what planet you’re from to not like The Godfather (and I don’t buy your symbolism, maybe you’re looking too deeply), but Godfather I also blows away Godfather II, which in turn blows away III. Thanks for your take on these.

    2. Yup the only one I agree with is Good Will Hunting. Exactly like you said, it’s derivative and cloyingly sentimental. And none of Will Hunting’s conflicts were particularly lower-class. In fact, they were suspiciously similar to the conflicts upper-middle class white dudes experience at the end of their childhood, from the petty crime, to the “don’t waste this opportunity at an elite university”, to the superiority complexes in regards to their peers. My theory is that Will Hunting was just the vehicle through which Matt Damon and Ben Affleck could fantasize that their upbringing was scrappy.

      1. Some of these over the years I’ve warmed up to but I still am on the same page on Good Will Hunting. I completely agree with you. It’s a fairly generic story so I’m not sure why people love it so much.

  2. I haven’t even seen half of these because I know I wouldn’t like them. I agree that The Graduate is overrated. I watched that movie and just didn’t get what the big deal was. Good Will Hunting was okay.

    But I LOVE The Godfather. Which was a huge surprise, by the way. I abhor violent movies. I just don’t respond well to them at all. Perhaps the reason I was able to enjoy The Godfather (all three of them!) is that Andrew knows me well and told me when to look away, and when I could safely uncover my eyes. So I just got to enjoy the story and the characters, which I think are brilliant. Very complex. And I definitely like Michael Corleone. I think I like him in the same way I like Don Draper (do you watch Mad Men?) It doesn’t make sense, but for some reason I root for them.
    Adrienne Rivetti Jensen

  3. I have only seen 3 of these. I love titanic but agree it doesn’t deserve the insane hype it received. I disagree about Dark Knight, but we’ve already talked about that a bunch so that was no surprise. I super agree about the Social Network. Me and Becca were actually checking the time in the movie theater because we were so bored.

    1. Thanks for your comment all the way from England! You should have been around when Titanic was released. I don’t think there has been anything like it. Think Justin Bieber but a movie.
      The Social Network is really kind of a shame because all the pieces are there for a good movie but the script drags. What are others you think are overrated?

  4. I believe that you should have included “Thelma & Louise” because it was equally hyped as much or more than some of the ten you listed and is probably the least socially redeeming of all the movies you listed. It was just a contrived plot to show women can get in a lot of trouble (without steady men) while thinking they are having fun. And the end had no lesson in it, so what was the point of the story? Worthless! No loss for those of you who missed it!

        1. Sounds lame. I hate that its somehow cool and sexy for women to be scoundrels and behave badly. Such a double standard. The problem with most of these movies for me is the pacing. They all felt slow and that is coming from a girl who likes 12 hour BBC miniseries. They also had characters I had trouble relating too.

  5. I disagree with a few of your choices, but I also respect the opinions of others, as long as they can validate the reasons for their opinions, which you do quite well! In most of these cases, though I myself enjoy the Godfather, Dark Knight, The Breakfast Club, and the Graduate I can definitely understand why people wouldn’t like those movies. The Graduate is probably my favorite on your list, but my reasons for liking it are primarily the music and the directing. (It contains some of the most brilliant camera work of it’s time.) The story is kind of stupid though, and the characters are NOT likable at all. I think of it more as a 2 hour SImon and Garfunkel music video. The one on which I agree with you most is Titanic, (which I frequently refer to as Scumtanic.) Biggest waste of time ever. I would have probably thrown Gone With the Wind on this list, if I were making one myself.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I almost put down Gone with the Wind too. I hate the way it depicts slavery and the south. All of these movies aren’t necessarily bad movies, just overrated. Meaning people oversold them to me so I ended up feeling disappointed. For a list of movies I hate check out this post https://smilingldsgirl.com/2013/01/25/movies-i-hate/ Good Will Hunting is the only one I really hate. I agree with you about the filming and music in the Graduate. It is very cool. Most of these movies are technically very well made and strangely a lot of them have wonderful music. So much of what we get out of life is based on our expectations. If you go into a movie expecting to be wowed than you are more ripe for disappointment. If you go expecting something lame than oftentimes you leave pleasantly surprised.

      1. You have to realize that 1939 was a different time; segregation was still prevalent and so depicting black slavery was not as big of a deal as it is now. And also, those of you who say that Vivien Leigh’s performance sucked really need to understand that just because a performance is melodramatic does not by any means mean it is bad. Her performance conveyed all the sadness, longing, and selfishness of Scarlett O Hara, and as long as she was able to communicate that (which she did), she did great. One of the best performances and movies of all time.

        1. Very fair points. I don’t know if I’d say best performance of all time but I agree she is very good in it. It’s only a few moments that make me cringe but rest is a good movie

  6. I have to disagree with you on almost all of these, as I love them. I might call “The Graduate” overrated because it is considered one of the best of all time, and I can think of many movies I would rank above it. Still, it’s strong.

    I don’t see “Goodwill Hunting,” “Moneyball” and “The Breakfast Club” as overrated because I rarely hear them referred to as anything other than good movies. Yes, they received positive reviews, but they aren’t generally included in the same category as films like “The Graduate,” “The Godfather,” “American Graffiti” and “Titanic.”

    In my opinion, the most overrated movies of all time are “The Rules of the Game” and “2001 a Space Odyssey.” Both routinely make 100-best lists, and I find it difficult to watch them all the way through.

    Thanks for launching a great discussion.

    1. Thanks for the comment. That’s true about Moneyball and Goodwill Hunting, Breakfast Club not being ‘great movies’. Although I had so many people tell Breakfast Club was their favorite movie ever. Totally built it up for me. I think I might have liked it if it had been sold as just a good movie.

      I agree 100% with you about 2001. Boring! I get all the symbolism but I thought it was super slow. Totally overrated. I haven’t seen Rules of the Game.

      Most of these movies are well made and acted, just were either oversold or the pacing put me sleep- like literally I fell asleep. Maybe it was just a bad day and I should try them all again (except for Dark Knight. No more nightmares for me!)?

      As for The Graduate Roger Ebert said ‘it did not age well’ so maybe that is part of it. All of these movies are creatures of their era, so if you aren’t from that era they aren’t as compelling.

      Who knows. I guess there’s no accounting for taste right!

      1. No question. Although you can often find a critical consensus as to whether something is “good” or “bad,” taste in movies is very individual. That’s one thing I love about discussing art. Most works have good and bad elements, and it’s fun to talk to someone who disagrees with you.

        I think you’re right about “The Graduate.” It’s definitely a product of it’s era, and I can imagine it playing better when first released. I think “Citizen Kane” and “Casablanca” are like that as well. Both are incredible movies — in fact “Casablanca” is among my all-time favorites — but they definitely play better with historical context.

        1. I guess some movies you have to appreciate for their technical masterpiece more than their plot. Citizen Kane is that way for me. I love it but more for the great filming than the story.
          I heard once to be a great lover of films you have to love something that everyone hates and hate something that everyone loves. Interesting thought right? Its funny how personal some take liking or disliking a movie. I’ve especially found that with the Dark Knight. Some have said in jest ‘well, we can’t be friends’. In reality, people get can get offended that you don’t like a movie. Unless you made the movie I don’t get that. And anyway, most of these movies I’d give 3 stars too so I don’t hate them. They just aren’t the masterpieces in my eyes that they are to others. (I should also add Blazing Saddles to the list because I did not find that funny at all)

  7. Maybe I’ll do that if I get a little extra time. I believe I wrote a column about this for the Reno Gazette-Journal a number of years back. I couldn’t find it with an Internet search, however, so I may be mistaken.

      1. It’s a great idea. Good way to get discussions started. It is funny how personally some people take their movie choices. I was recently one of only a handful of critics who gave a positive review to “After Earth,” and I got some pretty scathing comments. The funny thing with that film, is I can see reasons why people might not like it, but those aren’t the things that most people are complaining about.

        1. It really is bizarre. Its the same way with music. I think if you aren’t in the band you shouldn’t be offended.
          I wondered if you’d get flack about your After Earth review. Why do we have this compulsion in our society that everyone has to be the same, think the same.
          I should also do a list of underrated movies. Meaning one’s that got panned by critics but I liked. Friends with Kids, the Blindside, the Holiday, Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, Sweet Home Alabama (critics are tough on rom coms) come to mind
          I loved Where the Wild Things Are which a love or hate movie. I thought it was a complex view of a child’s brain I’ve never seen before. I just love it. To me it deserves to be a classic.

        2. An underrated movies blog is a great idea. I don’t love all the titles you mentioned, but I like “The Blindside” a lot. I also like “Sweet Home Alabama.” I like a lot of romantic comedies but have to admit that many are disappointing. Maybe people are especially hard on them because of that.

        3. very true and all those are not equally good. maybe guilty pleasure. There have certainly been clunker rom coms. I was just thinking that I haven’t seen any rom com trailers for this summer. strange.

        4. I’ve actually found writing a post on underrated movies to be tough because some movies I like because of a moment in time more than the actual value of the movie. It is hard to defend. I suppose that might be true for the overrated movies too. Maybe I was just not in the right mood.

        5. I think mood plays a role, especially when trying to decide if a film is great or just good… or vice versa. As a critic, I always try to make sure I’m not panning a movie because I was overly tired, in a bad mood or something else. But it can be tough, as we can’t separate ourselves from our emotions.

          Who you see a movie with can make a big difference, too. I saw “Snakes on a Plane” in a busy theater filled with rowdy fans. It was a blast despite the fact that it’s not a particularly good movie.

        6. I know what you mean. Napoleon Dynamite was that way for me. I think I would have liked it regardless but I loved it since I watched it with my friend who LOVES it. It somehow made it funnier. Other movies do their genre so well that you can’t help but admire them even if technically they aren’t the best movie ever. I was just watching a movie called Just Wright which nobody saw but is a great rom com. Great chemistry, sweet story. That’s the kind of thing I like.

        7. Yeah, I think I’m the only one who liked that movie 🙂 Need more old fashioned romances.

        8. Finished writing it. It was harder than the overrated movie post but hopefully you like it.

  8. Don’t waste your time with Godfather 2, it’s even more overrated than the original. Although I’m probably biased I can’t think of any mafia movie Ive really liked. I though the Spranos was really overrated too,

    1. LOL. Brave! Taking on the titans of moviemaking. I’m just sick of superhero movies. I want more movies about real people. Is that too much to ask? I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower. That’s the kind of movie that excites me.
      Most of the movies on the list aren’t bad movies. They just were oversold to me so I left disappointed. The only one I really hate is Goodwill Hunting. I have a separate blog for movies I hate. https://smilingldsgirl.com/2013/01/25/movies-i-hate/

      For my underrated movies look at https://smilingldsgirl.com/2013/06/29/underrated-movies/

      1. I love Perks of Being a Wallflower, both the movie and the book. Logan Lerman should take up more roles like that. I watched Goodwill Hunting once, because a friend of mine would always claim, it changed his life. I kind of like it, but not as powerfully as it might have hit other people, like my friend.

        1. Cool. I think you and I would be movie buddies! I like your style. Plus I’m an insomniac too so I get that.

  9. Interesting choices… some of these I definitely agree with, some of these choices make me want to cry. I will say that I do think The Godfather is overrated (deserving best picture: sure, being in the top three of every “best movies ever list”: NO!) Moneyball is overrated but it wasn’t something I expected to be good so I wouldn’t personally consider it that overrated. The Dark Knight, yeah, 99.9% of superhero movies are gonna suck and everyone should know that (again, I expected it to suck). The Graduate though, that’s my all-time favorite movie so I definitely have to disagree with that choice (…although thank you for at least putting it at the bottom of your list and not towards the top) Having seen it about thirty times, there is nothing accidental that occurs in that movie. The reason why Hoffman and Ross’ characters never show much depth is because they represent every other eighteen to twenty-one year old in the late 1960’s. And remember, Ben and Elaine aren’t married, nor do they in the movie. Plus, you’re not suppose to feel “triumph” at the end, I personally feel relieved for them. They dodged the easy road/“follow your parents and shut-up when you’re told to” route and instead followed their hearts, but they are still very uncertain about the road that lies ahead. I’d recommend re-watching it, but it’s art- and it’s subjective and it’s fine if you don’t like it. (But I wouldn’t quote or take advice from Roger Ebert if I were you, I personally think he’s a moron and a sellout) I personally think the ten most overrated movies would be: Star Wars (all of them), Saving Private Ryan, Rebel Without a Cause, Casablanca, The Godfather, Rocky, E.T., The Wizard of Oz [I’m still mad about them getting Best Score and not Gone With the Wind], Avatar, and The Dark Knight. I’d say my ten person favorites are: The Graduate, Gone With the Wind, Annie Hall, Midnight Cowboy, The French Connection, Easy Rider, The Shawshank Redemption, Lawrence of Arabia, A Clockwork Orange, and The Deer Hunter. Respectable list though–

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m open to watching the Graduate again. It did have some great shots. So you don’t think they get married? Don’t you think that Mrs. Robinson is the most interesting character in the movie? I wished the movie had been told from her perspective. Everything else was so blah.
      The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorites and Over the Rainbow is my favorite song so can’t agree with you on that one. I also like Roger Ebert. I don’t agree with him on everything but I find his reviews to be very thoughtful. I love reading criticism. In another life I might have done that but I guess I can kind of do it on my blog. Do you ever watch What the Flick? That’s very entertaining.
      I love talking about movies. What are others that you like? Check out my underrated movie blog. https://smilingldsgirl.com/2013/06/29/underrated-movies/ . Nice that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Dark Knight. Its a small group of us!

      1. Hahaha. If Ben and Elaine were to get married, logically, it wouldn’t be in the Los Angeles area that they live in for the obvious reasons that there parents and neighbors would kill them for making everyone else look bad. As for Mrs. Robinson… hmmm. I don’t know. I’ve never really found any character more “interesting” than another, but personally I’d say Elaine is just due to her quick decisions and curious thought-process. (I mean, who else would consider marrying someone who slept with their mother…) I think though that people forget that this film was made in 1967 and in the one of the most deadly years of the Vietnam War, there was a huge identity-crisis upon the youth in regards to what I’m told is right vs. what I think is right. And had the film not been made at that time (or god-forbid remade today), I probably wouldn’t be so fond of it. I personally love “Over the Rainbow” too (although I don’t quite get why everyone has to sing it at every talent-show I’ve gone to), and I agree with the song winning Best Song, but Score? Ugh. Oh well. I’ve actually never seen What the Flick until tonight but I just spend the last 30 min. watching it and it is pretty funny. Personally I love most of the “New” Hollywood/Late ’60s-70’s and a lot of the film noir age stuff. Particularly anything with John Cazale or Dustin Hoffman.

        1. Cool. That made me laugh because I did Over the Rainbow at a recital once…I wonder what people were thinking? I take voice lessons and have for 7 years. So fun.
          Glad I turned you onto to What the Flick. Its a lot of fun. I have to give a shout out also to Forest Hartman’s DVD review blog as he is frequent commenter on this blog as well. Clearly he has good taste. 😉 . http://foresthartman.com/
          You’ve gotten me thinking about the late 60’s-early 70s. I was looking at some movie lists from that era and I couldn’t find a single movie I liked. Hmmm…Do you like 2001 Space Odyssey? I think it is almost unwatchable. So boring. I get all the symbolism but I fell asleep it was so boring. In fact, I just looked at the Oscar nominees for 1967-1972 and couldn’t find a single movie that I really liked. Funny Girl or Hello Dolly I guess but even those are low on my musical appreciation scale. Funny how certain moments seem to grab you and others not so much? A lot of movies from 1994-1998 are very nostalgic for me because I was in high school then. I suppose that’s what people like about the Graduate or the Breakfast Club is it reminds them of an era when they were growing up.

    2. I have to let you know I watched The Graduate again and thought about what you said. The first time I saw it I was sure they did get married and then repeated the same mistakes of their parents (especially Mrs Robinson) but maybe they don’t? It’s interesting. I noticed the music more this time and how particularly The Sound of Silence is used. Thanks!

  10. You left out Carrie (1976) as one of the most overrated movies. Maybe it shouldn’t be classified as part horror movie but either way the movie wasn’t good to me.

    1. I haven’t seen that one. Horror is such a dubious category of movies. Haven’t seen many because I get pretty squeamish.

    1. Yep and I know lots of people who agree with me on that one. Its ok. Not everyone has to like the same things.

  11. Citizen Kane is good but not the best movie of all time. I’ve seen it twice and still think it is top 100. Blue Velvet is also good but overrated (I love Twin Peaks)

    1. Citizen Kane wouldn’t be 1 on my list either. I like it and technically its awesome but it still isn’t my #1

    2. I don’t even own it so I guess that says something. What would you say is your favorite movie? I’ve always loved Breakfast at Tiffanys. I have whole portions of it memorized so I suppose that would make it a favorite. I also love the movie Up. I think it is just about perfect. I cry every time I see the opening montage and I’ve seen it lots. I had an Up themed house warming/birthday party in February. I guess you could say I like it.

  12. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I’ve been pretty distracted lately. As far as “2001” goes I have mixed feelings. I really like the production and direction (I think people forget that the film was made w/ zero special effects, everything had to be made to a scale). I do like the film itself and I personally feel it was robbed of Best Picture (…let alone a nomination), my problem with the film is actually the symbolism. I feel like a lot of points in the film don’t allow the viewer to make a formal argument, as they are almost too vague (like the final scene with the fetus). I personally think a film like “Taxi Driver” does a much better job b/c with it’s ending you can take Side A or Side B as to what happens/what it means, but you can’t do that with the ending of “2001” (even Kubrick said he wanted the ending to mean “whatever the viewer wanted it to be”.) I do think it is Kubrick’s best film (although not my favorite which would be “A Clockwork Orange”). Although I would personally say it’s the fifth most important film of all-time (after “Citizen Kane”, “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Midnight Cowboy”, “The Graduate”, and then “2001”). But I’d say for the most part I like it, I just wouldn’t consider it one of my favorites. And P.S. the Breaking Dawn video was HILARIOUS!

    1. It is kind of bizarre that 2001 lost to Oliver. I guess its like Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan. What were the voters thinking? I think 2001 is a little dry and slow but its definitely a better movie than Oliver.
      Glad you liked the Twilight review. I love the line ‘they are like telenovelas without the espanol’. So glad the Twilight movies are over!
      My favorite Kubrick film is without a doubt Dr. Strangelove. Its funny and dark with great performances. Although, I like the Shining a lot. Its one of the few scary movies I dig. I think because its all mental. I don’t like scary movies with murder and gore. Maybe its just that I’m often alone in my house and those movies give me the creeps!

      1. Ooh I forgot about The Shining, that’s one of my other favs by him, but that might be just cause I love anything with Jack Nicholson. I cant stand bloody movies either, with the exception of the Silence of the Lambs. It’s funny you bring up “Dr. Strangelove”, at first I didn’t like it because I didn’t realize it was a satire, and then when I re-watched it knowing that it kind of “clicked”– so it took a little time for me to really appreciate it,

        1. What are some comedies you like? Those are harder to find these days. I love Bringing Up Baby

  13. HI! In my favorite TV show – “The Wire” Frank Sobotka says: “Four Polacks six opinions.”
    When you talk about movies you can say “Four people 66 opinions” It is all matter of taste so I don`t see any reason why should anyone get outraged if someone doesn`t like some movie. So no,I am not outraged,but I have to say that my list wouldn`t be like yours.
    The Godfather is one of my favorite movies(and it is better than 2nd one) so I wouldn`t put it on this list. In my opinion the most overrated movies are: “Forrest Gump”, “Fight Club”, and almost all Tarantino`s movies, especially “Inglorious bastards”.

    1. I agree. How boring would life be if we all liked the same things? A lot of this goes back to expectations. I went into the godfather expecting it to be best movie ever. I didn’t hate it just didn’t love it like I expected to. I agree with you about forest gump

  14. I’ve got my ten right here (in no particular order)…

    1. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring- I know I wasn’t going to like this movie when I fell asleep for twenty minutes and when I woke up, it was still on the same frame. Now I’m not calling this movie slow-paced because that would mean that it actually has a pace; this movie is pace-less. Frankly, I’d rather watch snails fornicate in real time, because that would go much faster and it would actually have a climax. You know there’s a problem when it takes less time to read the events in the books then to watch them unfold on screen (the others are not mentioned here because I didn’t see them. I might rent them when I inexplicably find myself in the mood to watch people thread through snow for hours at a time, but oddly enough I have no such desire)

    2. 28 Days Latter- Not particularly bad, but it’s something we’ve seen it about 400.,003000 times since George A. Romero started the trend back in 1968, yet I keep seeing comments from critics and fans alike praising it for it’s originality. What the hell am I missing?

    3. Kill Bill- Speaking of groundbreaking and original movies that don’t do anything new; here’s a movie that begs the question, “What’s the point of watching a movie that only exists to remind us of better movies that we should be watching instead?” All the way through I said, “Yes, I should be watching ‘Lady Snowblood’ now. Why aren’t I” and “Hey, music from ‘Truck Turner’! Why aren’t I watching that?” Also, am I the only one who’s rubbed the wrong way by the fact that this so-called “homage” to Asian cinema is produced by the Wienstien brothers?

    4. Attack The Block- The monster effects are good and that’s about the only good thing I can say about it. Other things this film is praised for, like the humor, is hilarious, if you find gansta-slang (like ‘Fo’ shizzle” or referring to police as “Po-po”) gut-bustingly funny. If not then it’s really a miss as a comedy. The action is also unspectacular; yes, there is a katana-sword but it’s only used a sort of a decoration for the most part (they only kill one monster with it and it’s very brief) and the scenes never elevate or amount to much. Oh, but what of the thought-provoking social commentary? What about it? Every once in a while they’ll toss in some lazy throwaway line about how kids this young shouldn’t be committing crimes, then they move on with plot. I remain somehow unimpressed.

    5. Disappearance Of Alice Creed- First of all, everything the ads are reviews told you is a lie; there is no strong female lead who escapes by cleverly outwitting her kidnappers; there is only a weak, whinny lead who spends almost all her screen time crying until she gets out just by shear luck. She does almost escape at one point, but the kidnapper talks her into giving up and she does so because, you know, the plot wouldn’t work if she wasn’t a moron. Oh, and the’re not many clever plot-twists either; all in all, I’d say there’s about two or three and the major one (Spoiler) is that the kidnappers are gay, and no, this doesn’t end up effecting the story at all. The kidnappers just happen to be gay, Wow, what a twist. Maybe if this were made in 1960 that would mean something, but seeing as how this is from 2009, i’m finding it impossible to give a shit.

    6. Hard Candy- Here’s why honesty in advertising doesn’t work; this movie had to market itself as a “psychological-thriller” because if it were marketed as what it really is (a pretentious bore) no one would see it (except maybe Andy Warhol). Basically, this movie is a two hour lecture on pedophilia-rape being bad. There’s nothing new, fresh or interesting said within the entire two-hour run-time. There is no real psychology or comments on human nature. It’s all just an excuse for hack-“writer” Brain Nelson to show off his (lack) of talent by rapping our ears with one insultingly heavy-handed, pandering morality speech or witless one-liner after another (and for David Slade to show how not to direct). The movie does occasionally tease us with the prospect of getting into the pedophile’s head or actually having something to say, Ellen Page’s character will say something smug and the movie will meander on…Also, am I the only one that finds it hypocritical of this movie to knock Roman Polanski when this is really just the retard version of ‘Death And The Maiden’?

    7. 30 Days Of Night- Another travesty from the hack “writer”/”director” Brain Nelson and David Slade. It’s not as vomit-inducingly smug or pretentious as HC, but it’s still full of the mind-numbing, terrible dialogue and shaky, incoherent camera-work that their fans (mostly “intelligent” “cultured” film critics) can’t get enough of! Also, maybe the vampires wouldn’t always be so hungry of they’d actually drink some of their victims blood instead of just tearing people apart and letting it all drain into the snow.

    8. Mark Of Zorro (’40)- Sorry, but Tyrone Power doesn’t hold a candle to Douglas Fairbanks (See; the version from 1920)

    9. Marne- Do I even have to say it? Apparently I do sense most people seem to ignore it; just because Connery is finally reviled to be the hero at the end, doesn’t make the fact that he’s a rapist. Yeah, you heard me. At first Sean Connery’s character is kinda shady; we’re not supposed to know his intentions. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Who knows? And the film does that pretty well, then he rapes the title character (there’s a point for bad guy), but then the carpet is pulled out from under you and he’s really the good guy…! A good guy who commits rape…Bet ya didn’t see that comin’. Add to that the fact that most of the dialogue sucks (though there are a few good one-liners like, “The idea was to kill myself, not feed the damn fish!” which is pretty funny) and more contrived plot devises, such as how Marnie is supposed to have been traumatized by her childhood so that she freaks out whenever she sees red, but she’s really only ever bothered by it when the screen writer tells her to be because there are several scenes where she’s walking on red carpets and WEARING RED LIPSTICK and it never effects her. Of course, being a Hitchcock movie, it does look good, but that’s almost all I can say in it’s favor.

    10. The Hired Hand- No matter how pretty the images are they can’t distract me from the fact that this is a badly written, poorly paced, shallow, cliche and just plain tedious movie. Oh, and the hero dies. Wow. Haven’t seen that one since…every other movie from the seventies. The good ones just happen to give you a reason to care.

    1. Thanks for your list! I like your descriptions especially “Now I’m not calling this movie slow-paced because that would mean that it actually has a pace; this movie is pace-less.”
      I’ve only seen one of your movies (thanks for the warning on the rest) Lord of the Rings and I’d say I’m a marginal fan. They are definitely too long and I’m just not super into fantasy movies/books.

  15. Yeah, most quality comedies are rare to find today, as most are just grown adults trying to promote to kids with jokes about burping. “Bringing Up Baby” is a really good comedy and is very, very, funny, I love most of the slap-stick/screwball comedies of the 30’s and 40’s. I’d have to say my favorites though are “Annie Hall”, “Some Like it Hot”, and “Tootsie”. I’m a huge fan of most anything by Woody Allen or Mel Brooks– I love the Marx Brothers too, but I’m not the biggest Charlie Chaplin fan. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that, I like most of his movies and respect almost all of them, I guess what I mean is in comparison to some of the other films of the late 30’s, I just don’t enjoy them as much.

    1. I agree a good clean funny comedy has gotten so rare. I’m so sick of the raunchy rom coms. This year there hasnt even been any lame rom coms. I’m so tired to the man boy comedies. They just aren’t funny. I like all the comedies you mentioned.

  16. Good list, though I would disagree with you on “The Godfather”. One film that I think is overrated is “The Exorcist”. Often billed as “the scariest film of all time”, I thought it was one of the most boring films of all time (though not as boring as “2001”). I am sure when it was first released, it was probably one of the scariest movies ever made, but that was forty years ago. Now, I won’t deny it’s influence on any film or TV show whose subject matter is the supernatural, but the film itself is a relic. What was scary and shocking back in 1973, is cliché and humdrum now. But maybe I’m just too desensitized. I am a horror film junkie, and I had already seen dozens of horror films by the time I got to “The Exorcist”. I had high expectations for “the scariest movie of all time”, so I was very disappointed after viewing it. Maybe, though, it’s just me.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think our expectations play a huge role in our enjoyment of movies. That was part of the problem with The Godfather for me is it had been built up as the best movie ever, and I liked it but didn’t love it. I also felt the same way the first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail; although, I have come to appreciate it after repeated viewings.
      I’m pretty tame when it comes to scary movies but I like old Hitchocks (Stranger on a Train, Shadow of A Doubt, Notorious, Rear Window), Wait Until Dark and The Shining. Those are all more psychological thrillers than slasher flicks. I think if I wasn’t single and living alone that would make a difference. The mind can play tricks on you when you are alone 🙂
      One thing I think is ridiculous is the rating system. If a movie has blood and we see someone die than it is R like Saving Private Ryan or has too many swear words like the Kings Speech, no matter the merit. Last year I saw a review of Sucker Punch which is set in a brothel and features violence but is rated PG-13! So dumb. I don’t pay any attention to it any more.
      I haven’t seen The Exorcist. Did you see The Conjuring? That looked kind of good.

    1. Just curious if you thought that was overrated compared to other James Bond movies or movies in general. I didn’t see it. Haven’t seen most of the James Bond.

  17. I LOVEEEEEEEE the Breakfast Club though! I really enjoyed Titanic too! 😉 🙂 I havent seen a lot of the others though ):

    1. I think I would have liked Breakfast Club if I had just seen it on my own without any of my friends building it up. I didn’t hate it just not as good as I was expecting. The characters are cliches which made it feel predictable. Oh well. Thanks for your comments. Isn’t it so fun talking about movies?

    1. thanks for your comments. It looks like intelligent scary instead of cheap thrills and gore.I’ll have to check it out. I’ve hardly seen any movies this year because I moved and have been super busy. plus nothing else has caught my interest thats been at my theater. I wanted to see before midnight but it didn’t show by me. What have you liked?

  18. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this post. I knew I would ruffle some feathers with a few of my picks but am overwhelmed at the response. Its so much fun to chat about movies with all of you.

  19. You mentioned something that I wholly agree with. Some movies need to be seen more than once for them to sink in. This is especially true of lots of music as well. Plenty of movies that left me unimpressed when I was younger took on a whole new relevance once I had some more experience, and once I has seen other movies that may have been influenced by them. I have to say, I do get exasperated with the “It was boring” cliche being applied to films that are simply over someone’s head. When I read some predictably inane reviews of films that need no apologies for their vision and value, I just have to roll my eyes and hope that nobody takes them seriously.
    I can enjoy a dumb popcorn movie for what it is, but like you, I don’t know how many more depressingly crude (oh yeah, edgy right?) “comedies” I can stand. Funny to a middle schooler, maybe, but I’m long gone from there. I’m right with you on that phenomenon too.
    Also, I think it’s important to appreciate the time frame in which movies were made. It’s a lot easier to enjoy an older movie if we don’t bring modern expectations to them, but the hype surrounding many older films can be overwhelming, and serve only to turn off younger viewers. Some movies, like “The Graduate” or “The Exorcist” really don’t age that well, but are still OK if you accept them as a time capsule of a past that is no more.
    I agree with about half your list. I was already pretty sick of Damon and Affleck before GWH, but listening to Matt talk down Gordon Wood (a truly brilliant historian) in favor of a hack like Howard Zinn (fair disclosure-I teach History) gave me a reason to truly loathe this movie. Plus I agree with your criticisms as well. I took my daughter to Titanic when she was 13, and she should have been the exact audience Cameron was shooting for, but about 2/3 of the way through, she asked me what I thought. I held my nose, and she said “Thank God!” and we left. I really like both Winslet and DiCaprio, but that movie ranks as one of my least favorites.
    Lastly, I always recall something I read in college about the importance of considering what any artist was attempting, before we criticize them for not delivering what we expected or desired. Nothing can wreck enjoyment of a movie or book faster than having unrealistic expectations. We all have favorite types of movies, music, etc., but if that gets in the way of enjoying something that doesn’t conform to those tastes, then we’re only cheating ourselves.
    I enjoyed reading your posts, and most of the replies. I hope you keep it up.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. You are absolutely right on so many points. Managing expectations is a hard thing. Possibly impossible? I wonder how critics do it? Its true you do have to appreciate the era in which a movie is made and maybe part of my medium level reaction to The Godfather and The Graduate is that I don’t know as much about the 70s as I should? There’s always more to learn. 🙂 . I have also seen both of those movies only once and as you say perhaps it needs multiple viewings. The first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail I was kind of disappointed because I’d heard it quoted all my life by my brother and others. Then I saw it a few years later and it cracked me up, so who knows.
      Glad you agree with me on Goodwill Hunting and family comedies. Its been so long since one came out that wasn’t animated. I think there is a real market that someone should tap into. TV is doing a better job with that than the movies. TV is doing a better job in many areas than the movies.
      Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback. I’ve been blown away by the response of my little movie post. It’s motivated me to do other posts and to watch more movies. Thanks!

  20. I completely agree with breakfast club, dark knight, and moneyball but confused at why Titanic and Godfather are on this list

    1. Thanks for the comment. I just thought both were good but a little slow. I’d give them 3 stars. Overrated to me means good but not a masterpiece as I was told. Thats all. What do you think are overrated? Glad we agree on some 🙂

  21. I loved both Moneyball and the Graduate

    The movies the everyone lived that I think are overrated are.
    This is Spinal Tap
    The Sixth Sense

    1. thanks for the comment. I enjoy both of those but wouldn’t have either top my favorites lists. I can see that. Are you a baseball fan? I’m told baseball fans like moneyball better?

  22. agree with almost all of them but not with the godfather and the Dark Knight who his the best movie of the 2000’s
    films that i think are overrated ,gravity ,rushmore,argo the artist, walk the line, Inception (for freaks sake just call it a matrix ripoff and finish it) , new startrek movies jj sucks

    1. Thanks for the comment. I may have to give the godfather another try. My expectations were pretty high and I found it slow but it was a while ago so I might like it now. I agree with you on Rushmore and the Star Trek movie although I didn’t see the most recent one.
      With The Dark Knight I recognize it is a very well made movie. I’m just really sensitive to scary movies. That’s all. It’s very well acted and made.
      What other movies do you like? I like a lot of sappy romance movies but there haven’t been any good one’s this year. I liked Gravity, Captain Phillips and Frozen.

  23. really nice of you to comment on my reply
    movies that i like i like really good acting movies really good drama
    but the acting needs to be really good and so the movie
    here some movies that i like the
    heavy ones

    memento, dead man, birdy, midnight express,The Shawshank Redemption, scarface, dog day afternoon, taxi driver, dead man walking, mystic river

    lighter ones
    i really like tim burton movies and Stephen King

    1. As long as people are giving constructive comments and not just being mean I will always post and try to respond. I havent seen any of those movies except shawshank. Will have to check them out. I like old school Tim Burton but lately I’m a little bored with him. Thanks for the suggestions. Merry Christmas!

  24. Reblogged this on Smilingldsgirl's Weblog and commented:

    Just for fun I’m going to repost this. I’ve seen some of these movies again and they are still 3 stars for me but I did appreciate The Graduate more the second time. All are well made, acted movies and Good Will Hunting is the only one I really dislike.
    I learned a lot from this discussion. I think it actually helped me become a better writer, so thank you to all who commented. I love talking about movies. 🙂

  25. Of all the overrated film lists I’ve seen this for me is clearly the best. The only one that I flat out disagree with is the Graduate. Though I did enjoy the dark knight I think it gets put up a little more highly then it should. For me all I would do is change the Graduate to either Argo or the matrix’s.

    1. Thanks so much Chris. You made my day. You know a few of the commentors on this post have made me want to give The Graduate another shot. Did you like the ending? That was my main problem but hearing others interpretations is interesting.
      Dark Knight was very well done, but I had such an unpleasant feeling when watching it I felt conflicted. I guess I’m just kind of sensitive when it comes to those kind of things but props to them for doing well what they were trying to do. I prefer comic book movies that are a little more joyful and fun.

  26. U have bad taste sir. I agree with half of your reviews but titanic may be the best movie ever made, when considering the entirety of the film. Yes godfather is slow and overrated but where is lord of the rings on this list? I just watched it tonight for the first time (2014) and am stunned that this movie was successful among people over the age of 15. What a joke. At least someone saw potential in the fantasy-Middle Ages genre and created Game of thrones. Exponentially better. 30 year old white straight male here

    1. thanks for the comment. I think it’s fun that people can have such different opinions on the same work of art. I like Lord of the Rings; although, I’m not a die hard by any stretch of the imagination. Titanic is just too soapy for my taste and it is so long. I wish instead of the romance they had focused more on all aboard the ship. It’s a well made movie and there are a lot of good things about it but I would still say overrated.
      Please keep following the blog as I do quite a few posts on movies. I always enjoy a good discussion.

    2. What an idiotic comment? Lord of the rings is overrated? Really? Maybe you have a small brain or didn’t watch full trilogy or your just LIED.

      1. We all have different opinions. Let’s be respectful. I have to say on rewatch I’ve come around on some of these so opinions change and grow

      2. It’s important to remember that opinions are opinions. It’s great if you really enjoyed “Lord of the Rings.” I think it’s great, too. That said, somebody is not an “idiot” or a “liar” if they feel differently. If there was not disagreement in the world, things would get boring really quickly.

        1. Agree 100% with Forrest. Thank goodness we dont all have the same taste and we should try to learn from those who feel differently instead. I actually gave some of these movies another shot from opinions expressed by commenters and I saw them in a new way.

  27. Michael,
    First, you might notice that smilingldsgirl is just that-a girl, or in this case, a woman, and there is nothing wrong with her taste. Second, LOTR is not set in the Middle Ages, it is set in Middle Earth, and in a time and place far removed from our own history. Glad you liked GOT, so do I, but the two have nothing in common as stories. Also, LOTR was written long before the current obsession with “realism” by way of gratuitous violence and displays of torture, rape, and animal lust. Sorry you found it so boring, but although Jackson tends to get carried away with minutiae, the story itself is compelling.
    I tried watching Titanic a second time, but everything I didn’t like the first time through still got in my way. Cardboard cutout characters, phony class warfare crap from Cameron, a complete disregard of historical record, and the whole Jack & Rose soap opera. This is a good popcorn and tissues movie, but no way does it deserve serious mention as one of the greats. I get why it was popular, and why you really like it, but I can also see why many think it’s overrated.
    Art is always hard to pin down, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but lots of my favorite movies don’t really qualify as great art. For that matter, some of the best movies ever made are not easy to watch. I could watch Caddyshack 100 times, but doubt that I’ll ever see Schindler’s List again, even though it was a far more meaningful piece of work.

    1. That is a very good point Jim. There are all kinds of art. Some inspires laughter, some tears. I also agree there are some that are one time only experiences because they are so taxing to absorb. Recently 12 Years a Slave was that way. I’m glad I saw it. I was moved by it, but I don’t think I need to rewatch it again. Most of the time I go to the movies to be entertained, but occasionally it is to be instructed. The entertaining movies are usually rewatchable where the educational one’s typically aren’t.
      A few years ago I was in a book club where I hated all the books we read. I enjoyed the company but would be miserable reading these novels. However, each time I would try to see what other people might appreciate about the story. This not only made the experience of a bad book tolerable but it helped reaffirm my negative response. I wish people like Michael would do that instead of starting off with an insult (and that was very tame, which is why I posted it. I have received dozens of comments on this post that were so foul I couldn’t print them, all over my reaction to movies!). Why not try to understand what people like about something and then share why you feel differently?
      I’ve never watched Game of Thrones myself because of the violence but a lot of my friends all love it. I’ve never been huge into fantasy anyway.
      In the end, how boring would the world be if we all thought the same about everything. We would certainly have a lot less to talk about.

      1. Funny how our reactions to something subjective, like books or movies, can elicit such rancor. Maybe some people assume that your taste in music or art, or whatever can give them complete insight into your deepest feelings, your politics, or your character. I used to think so when I was younger, assuming that I was blessed with the insight to peg people that I hadn’t bothered to get to know. Some people have very simple, or very specific tastes, but that is not an indication of their true character, and certainly not a reason to insult them. Sometimes I get an itchy typing finger when someone makes a really ignorant or snarky remark about something that was obviously beyond their comprehension, and a few times I have gotten snarky right back, but it never ends well, so I’ve tried to avoid that and leave the insults to those who need that kind of thing.

        1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes to all of those points.
          I also think we take ownership of pop culture whether it a song, movie, TV show we love, so when someone challenges those things it feels like an attack on us not an opinion on music, movie or TV.
          I try to avoid making everything so personal but there are a few things that get to me when people criticize them. The Simpsons comes to mind first because I have spent so much of my life watching that show. It feels personal.

        2. ps. I get snarky too from time to time. Goes with the blogging territory but I try to avoid it wherever possible.

  28. Good Will Hunting is overrated I agree. I always felt that many people didn’t realize how conventional the script really is. I liked it. But found it to be good not great.
    American Graffiti is good. But I always felt Dazed And Confused did what it did better.
    I agree with the consensus of The Godfather as a classic. But my all-time favorite mob movie (as well as most likely my favorite movie of all-time period) is Goodfellas.
    Titanic is fantastic technically. But I think Spike Lee summed it up best when he observed that Cameron can’t write dialogue. While Cameron’s Aliens is (along with Goodfellas) on my top ten movies of all-time list, Titanic belongs on an overrated list. The Graduate has not aged that well. I once joked it would be cool to make a sequel that would take place 10 years later and show how Ben and Elaine had devolved into real estate selling ghosts of their former selves.
    The only three on here I totally disagree on are The Godfather, The Social Network and The Breakfast Club.
    10 I consider to be extremely overrated
    1: Titanic
    2: The English Patient
    3: The Sound Of Music
    4: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    5: The King’s Speech
    6: The Help
    7: The Hangover
    8: Driving Miss Daisy
    9: Avatar
    10: Any Judd Apatow movie aside from The 40 Year Old Virgin

    1. Thanks for sharing your list. I really like some of your choices as you like some of mine (sound of music is in my top 5 movies ever). Just shows how different people can see things. Thanks for commenting. I agree about Judd Apatow.

      1. My all-time top 10
        1: Goodfellas
        2: Apocalypse Now
        3: Chinatown
        4: Do The Right Thing
        5: Monty Python And The Holy Grail
        6: Boogie Nights
        7: Blue Velvet
        8: Aliens
        9: Dr. Strangelove
        10: Dazed And Confused

        1. I havent seen a lot of those but heard good things. Holy Grail is classic. Took me a couple views to really appreciate it

  29. Apatow’s movies to me give me the sense he’s trying to be James L Brooks with d*** jokes. I can also get by pretty well without fellow Frat Packer Todd Phillips. I have yet to see anything of his I would consider passable.

  30. I just read this article and want to say I agree fully with your assessments. I an almost 60 and have watched a TON of movies going back nearly 50 years, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what you are saying.

    Some of the movies you mention I haven’t seen yet; but of the ones I have seen I would like to add the following to your observations:

    The Godfather—saw this in the theater when it came out. I thought it was ok, but that’s all. As I was watching it I was reminded of those overly-long television mini-series; you know, the ones that are stretched out over several viewing nights. As the plot slowly moves along. I think a lot of the “worship” of this film was from people who are/were star-struck: “Ooooo look! There’s Marlon Brando! There’s Al Pacino!”

    Good Will Hunting—saw this on tv. I’ve always been impressed by the late Robin Williams, truly a comedic genius. And Matt Damon is a great actor. But in this movie I kept thinking what a total jerk he was portraying. Your observation on the shallowness of how it handles mental illness therapy was spot-on.

    The Graduate—even though I grew up in the late 60’s, I’ve never been able to understand the infatuation displayed by critics and fans for this film. I believe critic Roger Ebert called it his favorite film. The songs by Simon and Garfunkel are nice, but the movie itself is silly and downright creepy at times. The ending is slapstick right out of a Marx Bros. film. Maybe I missed the 60’s angst that seems to have afflicted so many others of my generation, but for me the movie fell flat.

    Titanic— This film should have been sub-titled “Beverly Hills 90210 Hits an Iceberg”. I have always been fascinated by the story of the Titanic. Ever since I saw “A Night to Remember” on TV. When I heard Cameron was making the film, I was exultant because here was a chance to apply modern film-making technology to tell the story of Titanic on the screen as it should be told. But what did we get? A silly teenage soap opera story. People acting totally unlike the way people did in 1912. Clichéd dialogue and one-dimensional characters. I do feel the effort that went into re-creating the Titanic itself, and the details of the sinking were great and good reasons to see this film. However the tween-age girl adulation I’ve seen lavished on this film by fans is a mystery to me.

    1. Some movies don’t age well, that’s for sure. I was 15 when I saw The Graduate, and thought it was deep and meaningful. I still think the acting was fine, and it has some clever scenes, but from an older, more experienced perspective, I see it as a relic of a naive and intolerant mindset. After four years of college, this guy still acts like a junior in high school. Like a lot of 60’s movies, it looked much better then than now.

      Al Pacino was a nobody when The Godfather was released, and Brando was thought to be washed up, so star worship was probably not the issue. For better or worse, depending on your POV, it created a whole new perspective that continued all the way through to the Sopranos. I don’t think it’s important to “like” characters to find their story compelling. The Godfather applied that to a criminal family, and it is a rich vein of theatre. Nobody likes Richard III, but watching his rise and fall is still pretty damn entertaining. Although the third installment didn’t measure up, I & II deserve their continued place near the top of American films. Movies like these don’t have plots in the usual sense of the word. It just tells a story that plays out over time whether the characters are real, fictionalized, or a combination. The acting, cinematography, direction, staging, and story were all fully realized, and like it or not, it has stood, and will stand the test of time.

      About Titanic, we can only wish that the story matched the visuals. It’s as if Cameron wanted to make an epic, but had the writers at Nickelodeon write the script. Hugely disappointing.

      Good Will Hunting is just a deeply silly movie.

      1. All good points. To be clear The Godfather is a good movie and certainly well made. It just had been built up too much. My expectations were too high but its a good movie for sure.

    1. I must say I have come around on the Godfather since this post. It’s just a little slow and I wasnt saying it was a bad movie. I liked it but people had built it up so it was overrated in that sense.

      With Dark Knight it is extremely well made and acted but it was too violent and dark. I didn’t enjoy watching it. I realize I am in the way minority. I like super hero movies that are less brooding and scary and more fun and light like The Avengers. I liked Dark Knight better than Man of Steel which I really hated. I didnt hate Dark Knight. The Joker was just too scary for my taste. Again in minority

        1. Yeah I’m a scary movie wimp especially with like murderers and stuff like that. I dont mind a ghost story or a psychological thriller (more suspense than horror). I explain it in this video
          Halloween for the Scary Movie Wimp: http://youtu.be/oJzRfH2vlJ8

        2. Yep. I embrace my wimpiness. Thanks for watching the video. Still plenty of movies even for us wimps

        3. The response to this particular post was overwhelming and I must say I’ve learned to be more positive and focus on the films I do like instead of criticizing what others like. Lesson learned. 🙂

        4. Oh for sure. This was without a doubt my most popular post I’ve ever done but it just isn’t the type of thing I want to be a part of. I could get way more hits if I did more articles like this but I’m just not interested in adding negativity to the world. Occasionally I will post a negative review but I try to make it the exception to the rule and bring out what positives I can.
          It was great to have so many comments and views but also frustrating and overwhelming. And most of the commenters didnt stay with the blog and I’m more interested in having a conversation with regular readers, which I’ve done on both my blogs. I’d rather have 20 people read and 2 people make insightful comments than 2,000 and 120 outraged comments. But that’s just me. This is just my hobby. Something I do for fun so I like to keep it as positive as I can. On the Disney Canon project I gave 3 Fs and gave an F to Maleficent but I tried to explain myself without hyperbole and like I said it is the exception not the rule.

          Just different blogging preference.

        5. So do you have different people submit for your blog? If you ever need a Disney piece I’m available 😉

        6. No, my blog’s not been going for that long. I’m still trying to find my subject area properly and an audience. Plus I don’t like people touching my stuff 🙂 But yes, I’d love to have you submit to my blog at some point – or better yet, have us collaborate on something. If I think of anything suitable, I’ll let you know. Or if you think of something, feel free to tell me. Likewise, if you ever want a guest-post on your blog, I’d be happy to.

        7. Cool. Sounds good. I will give it some thought. I’ve done collaborations on youtube. Me and the Lawn Gnome did a top 10 forgotten animated films, so some kind of list like that might be fun.

          Anyway, glad we found each other’s writing. Always fun to see what people out there have to say.

        8. Also I’m going to try to get to regular podcasting some time in the near future too, so that would be an option too. I did my first podcast for this blog earlier in the year with a You Tube person and I was planning to do lots more, but I’ve had to put it to one side for a while.

        9. I haven’t. I’ve heard it is very bad. I’m not the biggest superhero movie person but will be curious for your review. I don’t know why they can’t seem to make a good female superhero movie. Very strange.

  31. Yes! I am glad I am not the only one who hates Good Will Hunting. I hate everything about it! Characters are so unbelievable. Only reason it got on air is because Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are good looking but everything sucks!

  32. I think whoever wrote this blog is quite good at understanding movies. The films that are here in this list are actually and undoubtedly boring. Not just boring, but also slow-paced. Especially “The Godfather”. Man, i tried so hard to love this movie because many around the globe consider it great; 100 % on Metacritic!!! It definately DOES NOT deserve that! There is no charecter developement except that of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino). The music is a great pleasure to heart and the ear and the performances are arguably quite good but that’s all “good” about it. First when i watched i thought that i was immatured. Then i tried so hard to like it, but without success. I understand now the storry-telling is horrible. Infact, it doesn’t seem to be as they say “greatest crime movie ever” but that’s a over-statement. GoodFellas is a WAY BETTER movie in this genre than this godfather-crap. Treuly, extreemly overrated. Doesn’t deserve tge hype it got.

  33. It doesn’t deserve a 100 because you say so? Or you simply don’t know what character development actually is? Apparently, the rest of us are “immatured” in recognizing that this was one of the greatest films of all time in every respect. The screenplay was far more effective than the book; the acting was positively brilliant from everyone; the cinematography was excellent, and the character development in terms of communication, ambitions, flaws in personality, obstacles, thought processes, and relationships is all clearly stated in both dialogue and actions. You said it wasn’t the greatest “crime movie ever” which is true, but only because it isn’t about the crimes, it’s about the people who control crime, and the effect it has on those around them. Yes, “Goodfellas” is a great piece of work, but Scorsese didn’t set out to make the same type of film. His was about the soldiers, the ones who actually commit the crimes. Coppola’s was about the top guy and his family, and how crime had entered the territory of big business. It wasn’t hyped, it gained its audience by word of mouth and great reviews. This came out in 1972, long before the whole “hype machine” was constructed. The studio didn’t believe in Coppola, Brando, or the film, and it was a labor of love to get it made. Pacino had only been in two films before this, neither of them very successful, and Brando was thought to be washed up. This is a character driven movie; one of the best ever made, and regardless of whether you like it or not, it completely deserves every bit of the acclaim it continues to receive. You can hardly find a director or an actor that doesn’t list it as one of their greatest influences, and for a very good reason-it’s one of the greatest films ever produced.

    1. I must admit I’m higher on Godfather on the rewatch since I wrote this. I can see what you are saying. It’s still not a favorite of mine but I respect

      1. I remember reading that you liked it better the second time. I was responding to Anik’s post because regardless of whether a movie directly appeals to me, I can recognize why it has a very high rating. Films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Seven Samuri, Citizen Kane, and many others aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. That isn’t a license to trash both the film, and the vast majority of people that recognize its value. Your criticism was a fair one; “I know it’s a classic, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.” Fair enough-great or not, it just isn’t a movie that appeals to you that much. I just don’t have much patience for the “everybody else is wrong, and I’m right” argument based on not much more than a poorly formed opinion and voiced in a juvenile and petulant manner.

        1. Yeah I can see what you are saying and agree with you. Take a movie like Birdman which I really didnt like for a variety of reasons. I can still applaud it for the cinematography and good lead performance. I get why other people love it so I’m happy for them. I think when you are a less mature writer about film it is easy to give in to hyperbole and not be as fair as you should be.

        2. Yeah, Birman definitely split people. “The Witch” is another. People expecting a big scary movie were not pleased, but if you recognized that it was about the fears people felt 400 years ago (the devil, loss of God’s grace, nature, being cast out, etc.) then it was a pretty effective, and very well acted film.

  34. An excellent essay, and I agree with many of your choices.

    I came of age in the early 70’s, so I was at the point in my life where I could appreciate (or not) some of the movies you mention.

    Just a few thoughts I have on some of your picks:

    I too think the The Godfather was hugely overrated. Both when it came out, and still today. Long, boring, slow-moving—I never really could understand what others saw in this film to deserve such worship.

    The Graduate is also a much ballyhooed movie, that hasn’t aged well. It seemed to appeal to 60’s young adults (and to 60 year olds today who are nostalgic). But it was silly and trite.

    And as for Titanic—basically it could have been sub-titled “Beverly Hills 90210 Hits an Iceberg”. A thinly disguised teen soap opera aimed at 12 year old girls who liked to swoon over Leonardo DiCaprio. I have always been interested in the story of the “real” Titanic. And I thought the recreation of the ship and the sinking were outstanding. But inserting that ridiculous and improbable “love story” ruined the movie. For anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the society of 1912, they realize that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY an upper-class girl would ever fall for a third-class scruffy boy. Let alone utter such dopy dialogue, while posing naked for him to paint a picture of her. And jumping back ON to a sinking ship. Jim Cameron is an excellent technical film maker. But he should leave the scriptwriting to someone else.

    1. Thanks so much. I’ve warmed up to some of these over the years and to be fair most of them I don’t hate just don’t love as much as others. I love your line of ‘Beverly Hills 90210 Hits and Iceberg’. Thanks for commenting! I have a movie blog now at http://54disneyreviews.com

  35. I totally HATED the Breakfast Club so I’m with you on that! You should have added Risky Business… completely overrated and so many dumb scenes. There are many movies that people can say that belong in this list and a few that don’t but I understand where you’re coming from when you say they’ve been built up too high. For starters, obviously they’re not going to be newer movies because they haven’t been put on some kind of pedestal for a lifetime or for a generations worth of discussion. Take Pretty Woman for instance, besides the “favorite” scenes, it really is just about a rich yuppie and a hooker. The end.

  36. Interesting list! I definitely agree with you about Good Will Hunting, The Dark Knight, The Breakfast Club, and The Graduate. While I thought The Dark Knight was good not great, The Breakfast Club and Good Will Hunting were very average. I saw The Graduate for the first time last year and it ended up being one of the worst movies I saw in 2018. If I were able to add one movie to this list, it would be Saturday Night Fever. Despite the fact that this is a very well-liked movie and it has one of the most iconic opening scenes of all time, I found myself not enjoying it. In fact, it was one of the top 5 worst movies I saw last year. The movie itself felt way too long, all the characters were unlikable, there was way too much swearing, and the climax was very predictable. However, I did like the acting performances, dance numbers, and the soundtrack.

    1. Thanks! I have to say I’ve warmed up to some of these and I’ve never really disliked most of them. They just werent masterpieces in my eyes which is the definition of overrated. Like you said good not great. I saw Saturday Night Fever in college and remember it was pretty boring except for the music. Maybe I should give it another watch but it will be down my list

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