Good Bad and 2011

So the end of 2011 has come and that means my traditional year in review.  I thought it might be fun to do something different this year by going through each month and citing one good and one bad memory I’ll take with me.  When I say bad I mean more challenging or difficult.  So here goes…

Good 🙂 Bad 😦
January Watched Sherlock on BBC and loved it Fell Down a Flight of Stairs/ Turn 30
February Make great strides in PCOS treatment Receover From Fall
March Work Success Difficult Victoza Response
April Royal Wedding Diabetes Diagnosis (then diagnosis lessened)
May Mom in Town Strabismus Surgery
June Surfing in Hawaii Exercise Pains and Struggles
July Family Reunion Difficult Preparations for Open Water Swims
August Deer Creek Swim Bad Date
September DC Visit Sore Throats
October Slam the Dam Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
November Thanksgiving at My Parents Tonsilitis
December Christmas Activities and Traditions Start of Poler (also great blessing)

Let’s hope for a 2012 with few struggles and tons of joy! Of course, we often find the greatest joy in overcoming the struggles…Still, a little breather might be nice!  Either way I am sure it will be full of growth and discovery.

It starts off with a bang.  In January I have to change my wards into the mid-singles ward.  It will be a lot of change which I am not a fan of but it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and get out of my comfort zone.  I also look forward to 3 open water swims this summer but will probably not get a big trip (have to spend money on trainers rather than plane tickets!).

3 thoughts on “Good Bad and 2011

  1. I think its funny that the royal wedding was a plus haha. I wish I had been able to follow it I have a feeling I would have gotten all manic about it. I’m really bored sick right now so I’m trying to remember what my good and bads were but I feel like I cant even remember that far back. I had to search my gmail to come up with these. I didn’t put bad because its the same thing for every one :P.

    Jan: jared told me he loved me at about 1am on new years. after we jumped in the pool with sam and seth. I almost wrote jumped in the poop… haha very different meaning.
    Feb: roadtrip home
    march: honestly can’t think of anything good. it was the month of the tsunami which was so sad. Of course I was more sad for the ppl there. But i was waiting the whole month to find out if the study abroad was canceled which it was. it was a month of suspense and disappointment
    oh wait i just thought of a huge one! Festival of colors, my 2nd favorite day of the year after christmas!! I love it so!
    april: leave for europe
    may: explore bits of france on my very own. oh and when the french couple walked in on me in my undies laying on the hotel bed that I thought was mine but was really theirs. 6s and 9s shouldn’t look so alike ya know.
    june: my birthday… jared set up an outdoor dinner and we danced on the patio under the trees and the stars 🙂
    july: I found the housing that I am currently loving!
    august: started Political econ of women class
    september: began my study group which gave me new friends that i love so much!
    october: sam came out to visit me!
    november: thanksgiving break
    december: Christmas!

    I guess you know how to get me to make long comments on your blog. get me stuck in bed with food poisoning haha and thats when i actually have time 😛 to make comments as long as this at least.

  2. Those were so fun to read. I will definitely have to get you sick more often! Pretty good year you had. Some of those details I had forgotten. Thanks and feel better soon.

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