Day: December 28, 2011

New Years Eve Sucks

So everyone knows I’m not a woe is me single girl but some days it does kind of suck.  New Years and Valentines being the chief offenders.  I don’t think there are any more ‘coupley’ holidays in the calendar year.

The only thing that makes New Years slightly worse is there is no ignoring it like with Valentines and almost every ‘fun’ activity involves dancing, which I hate.

I have never liked dancing. For starters I have almost no natural rhythm  and I’m not just being modest.  I literally have no natural rhythm. I hate the music typically played at dances. I don’t like club music and find DJs to be obnoxious.  Its also so loud that you can’t talk and you end up either as a wallflower which sucks or gyrating to ‘Everybody Dance Now’ like an idiot. It’s also dark and hard to see anyone so I don’t know how anyone hooks up at a dance but it is the activity of choice for ‘meeting people’ and coupling up in Utah. (Dancing and Utah have a long unfortunate relationship.  They love it there! 😦 )

With dancing out of the picture this year I’m left with the choice of hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend or my parents and their older group of adults from church.  My younger siblings are both doing activities with their friends. I don’t have any friends in California and would rather be hit by a bread truck than go to the YSA dance alone.

So, what’s a girl left to do? Any ideas?

I will probably go to a movie so at least I will be surrounded by people but not have to dance.  (And yes, I go to movies by myself all the time.  In fact, I like it!And no, I will not be seeing New Years Eve because it looks terrible and seeing it on New Years Eve is just depressing).  Normally I don’t mind being by myself.  In fact, I kind of love it!  But on super coupley days it is easy to feel a bit forgotten, left behind.

This is my first New Year in my 30’s and its been a hard year, one I am not eager to repeat.  I am ready for a string of good luck and period of peace (or at least no major medical diagnosis!). I know I’ve had many blessings also but it has been one of the most challenging years of my life.

It seems like 30 is a rough year for a lot of people I know.  It represents a transition both mentally and physically that can be difficult for ‘stay-the-samers’ like me to deal with.

I have never been a big fan of change, especially change I don’t direct and manage, but like a time bomb it comes whether you like it or not!  30 is the first step to being old…Even at church I will soon not be considered a ‘young single adult’.  I will be a ‘mid-single’.  In January I have to change wards and start attending the mid-singles ward, which I am sure will be great but it is a change (which again, I’m not a fan of!).

Maybe I should just plan a trip next year for New Years, go to Hawaii or something like that? That always makes me happy.  Just thinking of Hawaii makes me happy.  I love being home for Christmas but the week after can be rough.  I miss my apartment, car, friends, gym, food, trainer, etc.  At least this year I get my 9 days off of my strict diet.  That’s been a real treat (literally and figuratively).

I wish my family enjoyed traveling during the holidays but my younger siblings would revolt.  I love it! One of my happiest Christmas memories was when my family came to Utah and stayed in our home in Alpine.  It was so nice to not have to worry about all the Christmas stuff and to be able to see my family while still having my own space.  If I had my druthers we’d do that every year.

But I don’t know that New Years would suck any less if I was at home.  My friends and I used to have awesome parties but in recent years they’ve died down. (We used to have great Halloween parties also but that has died out too 😦 ).  For me, parties and the like feel a very college, post-college thing to do.  As a 30 year old woman I find it is so much harder to get anyone together. I have lots of entertaining ideas for cute parties but I’m not convinced anyone would be able to come to a party if I put a lot of work into it.  People are just so busy and have other obligations that are more important by the time you turn 30.

I’m also not sure what it means to be 30.  With other ages the expectations are real clear (20’s college, gain a career). I think it is supposed to bring all those experiences with kids but not so much with me. It’s all a bit of a mystery, the 30’s mystery.

Anyway, don’t mean to complain.  I just wanted to get it out there that New Years sucks and I’m pretending like it doesn’t exist.  Be gone 2011!

To my single friends out there- don’t you agree that New Years is a total drag?