Day: August 25, 2011

Healthy Fast Recipes

Last year I did a healthy recipe contest and got some good results.    This year I would like to put out a similar challenge.

As you all know lately  I have been training very rigorously for my races.  This leaves me with little energy to do much else some days including making food/dinner.  I am far too likely to get take out or meals ready to eat at the Harmons up the street then I should.  I know this is not the healthiest option but there are days when dirtying a dish, waiting 30 minutes, chopping anything seems like such a burden.  And then there is the task of deciding what to make and making sure it is healthy…It is hard.

So, here’s what I am looking for.  There are 2 categories.

1.  High fueling snackage- Yes, I know I can eat nuts and some energy bars are ok but I come home from work outs and am starving, ravenous. I would love any recipe for a satisfying snack that quenches my hunger quickly and possibly tides me over to make a good meal.  Remember I have to keep the simple sugars to a minimum so try to use agave instead of sugar/honey where possible.

I also love smoothies.  Especially after a swim there is NOTHING better than a smoothie.  I would love some creative combinations for smoothies you might have.

These don’t have to be your recipes but please make them ones that you have at least tried out beforehand.

2. Quick, easy, healthy meals- My next category is actual meals.  I need meals that are low glycemic, healthy, loaded with whole grains and protein that are easy to make.  This could include a recipe good for making in advance and freezing to have on hand.

I like pretty much any genre of cooking- Italian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican etc.  I am also a pretty good cook and have a well stocked kitchen so don’t limit yourself that way.

Please keep in mind that I am single so the serving size is just 1 person and then the rest either has to be leftovers or frozen.

Egg dishes, breakfast for dinner, pasta, stir fries, curries, soups, salads, sandwiches, would all be good categories to think about.  The healthier the better, the easier the better.

They do not necessarily have to be low in fat- especially if it is the right kind of fat using olive, coconut, or grapeseed oil for instance.  If in doubt, send the recipe over and I will decide if it meets my dietary needs.  (Just a tip- I don’t use splenda but will try recipes with stevia.  I also am open to any gluten free recipes but have no specific allergy in that regard).

I am also more interested in healthy eating then sticking to a strict budget so while I won’t be eating black truffles anytime soon I wouldn’t put the cost of the meal as the primary consideration.

I will give a $25 amazon gift card to the best snack and meal recipes submitted.  Please tell your friends and keep the recipes coming. You can add them as a comment or email me at

Thanks! I look forward to the results.