Day: April 21, 2011

Good News

This is just a quick update but I wanted to let all of you know the good news I got today at the endocrinologist.  (yes, you read right.  I for once got good news at the doctors!).  Its complicated but basically he said I have a unique version of diabetes.  Some might say it is pre-diabetic but it is just enough symptoms to classify as diabetes for the insurance.

In fact, my blood sugar averages are normal.  It’s the highs and lows that show concern.  The doctor said with the new medicine I should be able to lose more weight (about 4 lbs a month is what I should expect for several months) and that my sugars should stabilize.  It is not an energy creating drug per say but hopefully that will be a ripple effect.

The doctor said if I continue to be careful with my low glycemic diet, take my meds and keep up the exercise I may not need the injections for long.  Depending on how I respond I could rid myself of the diabetic symptoms entirely- even eventually working in an occasional carb/treat into the mix.

I know the next few months will be difficult- as there is no easy road to health (especially for me!).  However, I feel encouraged and hopeful for an energetic, healthy future.  The doctor told me that a huge majority of diabetes patients don’t take care of their condition and naturally it gets worse and worse, causing greater health problems.  I will not be this type of diabetic.  I’ve sacrificed too much, come too far.  He actually said with my blood sugar averages my chances of cancer, heart disease aren’t much more elevated than any other person.

What we are basically doing is nipping the problem in the bud before it becomes such a dramatic health risk.  It is conquering it while it is an early stage and for this I feel proud.  Proud that I didn’t give up and kept pushing for more tests and treatments.  Without my copious notes and nearly constant prodding I would not have discovered my diabetes until much later in life when it would have been much harder to make the necessary changes.  Out of all the blood work they did nothing showed diabetic until I started keeping a careful log of my symptoms, food intake and medicinal responses.  I even did an experiment where I ate candy and then took my blood sugar.  Shockingly it went up to 309.  It was this evidence almost exclusively that convinced my doctor of my condition or at least my propensity towards it.  I’m proud I stuck to my guns and didn’t accept the easy answers he wanted to give me.

Even today I had to remind the doctor  that despite normal readings I did not feel normal.  He seemed a little skeptical but in the end said I was probably going through a type of withdrawal of higher blood sugar numbers. Eventually my body should adjust to having lower numbers and combined with the weight loss I should feel better than ever!

Like I said the road ahead will not be easy but I feel confident I am up for the challenge!  I also have a gut feeling that this is the big answer I’ve been praying  for.  I think the medicine will work.  I will lose the weight, get my sugars normalized, feel energized and live the active life I have been seeking the last 14 months (my whole life really!).  I’m looking forward to the future in a way I haven’t done for some time.  I’m full of hope and gratitude.

To finally getting the new me and feeling GREAT!