Day: January 6, 2011

2 lb Shock

This a quick update but I just wanted to let you all know some exciting news.  As most of you know on Tuesday I returned from a long trip to visit my family in El Dorado Hills, CA.  I was home for 12 nights starting on December 23rd.  While I was looking forward to being home for the holidays, I was nervous about the effects it would have on my recent fitness quest.  I just wanted to get through the holidays with my motivation in-tact which was challenging because there are so many temptations at that time. Also, not having control of my pantry/meal selection scared me.  However, with the support of my family I did pretty good managing my diet and exercising.  There were a lot of treats and special meals that I succumbed too (like Seth’s decadent rolls!) but on a whole I did okay.

It was an ominous beginning when upon arrival my father took and me to a delicious bakery called Andre’s loaded with breads, croissants, cookies etc.  (How much can a girl take?).  During the entire trip I was utterly conscious of every large meal, special treat, and dessert I had, and I can promise you it was more than I probably should have indulged in.  Still, I could have done much worse.

The one area I did well in over break was exercising regularly  I got a pass at the local gym and worked out 4 times Christmas week (3 days before I left on the 23rd I worked out especially hard) and 4 times the  following week.  This was definitely the first year of my life I exercised on both  Christmas and New Years Eve.  It was hard but I persevered and can honestly say I did the best I could.

With these conflicting experiences (not so great diet on one hand, good exercising on the other) I didn’t know what to expect with my trainer this afternoon.  The day before I left she told me she’d have me do a weigh-in when I got back (it was 272 lbs on the 22nd).  Today I thought for sure it would be higher given the treats and holiday meals I’d eaten.  You can only imagine my shock when it turns out I lost two lbs! I now weigh 270 lbs!  I still can’t believe it!

My trainer and I had a great discussion and then she put me through a tough routine and had me do it three times! She said I am too hard on myself and from what she could see of my diet records I didn’t do too badly over break.  Who would have thought I would be too hard on myself when it comes to weight loss? Strange how people can change in one year?

I also set goals for 2011.  I am going to try to lose 60 lbs by the end of the year.  If I am successful my end weight will be 210.  Daunting as it may sound it is a goal well within my grasp. Thanks in advance for your support!  It is so gratifying to know I can lose even when I am not perfect in my diet or exercising.  I couldn’t ask for more exciting news! Wahoo!