Day: December 29, 2010

2010 in Review

At the end of every year I post “a year in review” for my blog readers.  Usually I have fun trips to report on and photos to post.  This year is a bit different.  I don’t feel that I have done much or have anything interesting to share.  However, tradition always trumps everything else so let me give it a try.

Sadly minus Meg and Ben but still a mighty fine family photo

The only real trip I took this year was a week in Southern California visiting my friend Emily Whitman and her family.  I took this trip because I had a free ticket to use up and I wanted to get away.  Of course I didn’t know then the that the Whitman’s would be moving to Utah in the summer (wahoo!).  Still, we had a good time together- especially on our 2 days at Disneyland.  I’ve always loved the Magic Kingdom and Disney animation(if you guys haven’t seen Tangled go see it.  I just saw it again for the 3rd time). Some people criticize Disneyland because of its mass-marketed feel but I don’t care about that.  I just enjoy it!

One difficult part of Disneyland is all the walking which goes with it.  I wasn’t physically prepared and by the end of the day my feet, back, and body ached.  I was also frustrated from lagging behind and walking as slow as old ladies!   Despite having a good time I felt discouraged with my own body and my lack of energy.  This moment was particularly hard because I have tried so many times to lose the weight with little to no results.  Even with these past difficulties I decided during then to try again- to try and get in shape and change my life.

Since then it has been tough with many sore muscles and achy naps (I’ve learned that endorphins are the great myth of exercising!).  Progress has been slow but it has come pound by pound.  Since my resolution in March I have lost 41 lbs (although this Christmas trip  may make that more like 39!).

I would like to publicly thank all of my friends and family for their past and continuing support (this journey is going to take a while!).  Particular thanks goes out to my mom, Dad, Anna, Megan, Tom, my friend’s Emily, Stefanie and my trainer Michelle (and there are so many others).  I literally could not have done it alone. Thank you most of all for empathizing with me and understanding how hard this big goal of weight loss is.  Thank you to everyone who reads this blog.  It has provided a forum for venting my struggles and a needed source of accountability.

Pretty much my entire year has been taken up by my goal of changing my body.  To save money ( and subsequently afford my gym/trainer) I didn’t take any other trips this year (aside from trips to my parents or Megan’s).   The only other vacation I had was in June at the Wagner family reunion.  We do reunions every two years and this time it was at a terrific lodge near Bryce and Zions National Parks.  Everyone in my immediate family agreed it was one of the most successful reunions yet (and most numerous- I believe nearly 50 people.  That’s a lot of Wagner’s.  Its a wonder the park survived!).  I spent the entire time by the pool (thank goodness for swimming!).

I also had an exciting year with my work.  I still have two jobs and have been successful in both.  In February my emphasis flipped from full time rental property management to full time with Grabber and part time with the houses (still working at home for both jobs).  While juggling two jobs has proven difficult (especially with my other part time job of exercising!), I enjoy the variety in my work and the people I interact with.  So far this year I’ve had great luck renting the homes, both short term and long term, and hopefully the trend will continue through 2011 (we are still waiting for new tenants in the Sammy.  Cross fingers we will get one soon!).  It is immensely satisfying to have a job I enjoy and am skilled at.  I am also grateful to have a job which gives me time to exercise and travel home.  Thanks so much!

Next year promises to be more exciting with a trip to Hawaii in June (can’t wait!).  I am working hard to be ready to attempt surfing lessons when I go.  My trainer is even giving me special workouts to help with my upper body strength.  In addition, the big 30th birthday happens next month (January 23rd).  I’ve always looked forward to birthdays but this one has me a little freaked out.  I just don’t feel that old!  How did it happen?

Anyway, thanks everyone for the support.  It hasn’t been the most eventful year but it may be the most life-changing!  Happy New Year 2011!