Day: September 28, 2010

My HGTV/Food Network Obsession

So I have a confession I love HGTV/Food Network. While I watch too much television in general, there is a mysterious aspect of home/food shows that I enjoy- something voyeuristic in watching others eat food I wish I was eating or purchasing homes I imagine purchasing.  The more of a fantasy, the better!   Some particular favorites are:


Property Virgins

House Hunters

House Hunters International

Income Property

For Rent

Holmes on Homes

Selling New York

Bang for your Buck

(I don’t really like the pure design shows.  I prefer the ones that involve the purchase of a home because I’m scared to death of buying).

Food Network

Ace of Cakes

Aarti Party (so cute!)

Best Thing I Ever Ate (this is particularly fantastical for me since I’ve been eating healthy and can’t eat most of the items shown)

Diners Drive in and Dives (I think Guy is ridiculous (Can the 90s get their hair and sayings back?) but I think its fun to see the places.  Utah has been featured like 7 times on this show!)

Next Food Network Star

Food Network Challenge (I like the cake ones)


Throwdown (Its hilarious how Bobby Flay loses like 2/3rds of these throwdowns.  You’ve got to give the man credit.  He obviously doesn’t have too much of an ego!

Iron Chef  (I wish I could be a judge on this show although it does seem like they are getting desperate for alter ideas).

Not on Food Network but I also like Top Chef

I can’t have a post on cooking shows without reiterating my obsession with Julia Child and her amazing show The French Chef.  She is my hero (Get ready- I’m going to be her for Halloween).

I am a sucker for reality tv and I guess these types of shows are portraying a certain type of enviable lifestyle- or even just a different lifestyle.  Someday I would like a small portion of the life shown on TV.  For instance, I would like one time in my life to go to a restaurant with reservations- the kind that costs over $50 a plate and has fancy ingredients like truffles and foi grois.  Have any of ever eaten at this type of place?  One of the top places on my list would be Babbo- Mario Batalli’s restaurant in NYC.  One of these days…(Maybe I should make that a reward for losing the 100 lbs. ) Its been 4 years since my last trip to New York and I’m dying to go back! Anyone want to go- I have a free ticket!

On the home side I love to fantasize about the way I’d design my perfect kitchen or bathroom.  I have binders full of articles and design ideas ready for me to use.   Some of my favorite design elements are open cabinets, bookcases galore, stunning steam showers and kitchens full of french cookware (the current desire of my heart is a dutch oven that I can use to make delicious dishes such as beef bourguignon)

The dream of my kitchen...

I’d also love a large kitchen island, copper pots, a real silver tea set and a table with fresh flowers. I’m not one for gardens, but I’d  like to have a fresh herb garden… I also have 3 binders full of recipes, tablescapes and menus I hope to try.  Some people might think this is silly but I figure what’s life without any scheming or dreaming?  Its like thinking about Hawaii- I’m not there but thinking about it makes me genuinely happy! Come on over to my place for dinner and I may just make you one of my binder recipes!

Of course, I realize these shows are edited and scripted to please suckers like me but somehow I don’t care.  Do any of you like these shows?