Swimming is Fun!

Today I had a great experience.  My friend Aimee Talley and I worked at the houses weeding for a few hours.   I HATE weeding but today doing it with a friend it wasn’t so bad.  We had a good time talking about a variety of issues and just getting in some girl talk.  After the weeding we went to my gym and I gave Aimee a tour!  It was a lot of fun to show someone my stomping grounds and have company for my work out.  By the way- if anyone wants to come with me to the gym I would love it, so far Aimee is the first one to take me up on the offer!

With a friend there I had someone who could take some photos of me at the pool.  I have been meaning to take some for the blog but was embarrassed to ask a stranger.  (I wanted to prove to everyone that I was really was working out- 5 times this week!).  For the past 16 days I’ve spent time nearly every day doing a weight routine my trainer gave me using free weights.  After that I do a different type of cardio- my favorite being swimming. Ever since I was a child I have loved swimming. I love the coolness and fresh feel of the water and the freedom I feel gliding with each stroke .  It has always been the only athletic activity I enjoy.  In fact, everything else is a chore.  I honestly hate all other kinds of exercise.  In high school I joined the swim team  where I wasn’t a star but was competitive- especially in the butterfly!  I was one of the only girls that had the upper body strength to the do the butterfly well.  What’s funny is that for 3 years I competed on the Middletown High School swim team and had a great experience, but I never won a single race, or even came close.  I am a naturally competitive, prideful person, so it is funny that this didn’t bother me.  I guess I just loved swimming too much to notice!  My last year in Maryland I even completed my lifeguard certification, which was quite an achievement given my weight at the time.  I vividly remember taking the test (you had to tread in water with a 10 pound brick for 10 minutes!) and then standing by the side of the pool exhausted waiting for Coach Cowperthwaite (her real name) to see if I’d passed.  Eventually she nodded and said “you did it!”.  “Really?”  “Holy Cow!”  I replied in disbelief.  Looking back it is still an amazing accomplishment.  I don’t see how I did it when at the time I weighed at least 220 lbs.  I think I simply loved to swim that much! Amazing!

One of the great things (basically the best thing!) about my new gym is the lap pool.  The water is the perfect temperature and it feels so good to do lap after lap.  I would honestly swim every day but my trainer recommends I alternate different cardios to work out various muscles.  Sometimes I will reward myself after a treadmill or bike work out (I particularly hate the treadmill) with a lap swim- not a bad reward!  Anyway, here are some photos of me at the gym.  I think you can see how happy I am especially in the water.

Here I go on swimming laps! I usually do 20 laps in about 30 minutes. Not bad!
Isn't that a happy face! I love this photo.

these are the great robes they have at the gym!

By the way, anyone thinking of entering my healthy recipe contest please get me your entries by this Friday September 17th.  Remember it can be any type of recipe as long as it is healthy and delicious.  I really will give a prize and post the winning entry on this blog.  Please send away!  (Thanks to those who have already submitted!).

13 thoughts on “Swimming is Fun!

  1. Wow…you are an inspiration! And I like that picture of you in the pool too…you definitely look so happy. I wish that we had a pool around here so that I could swim as well. Instead I’m just making do with walking up and down the streets of Blanding.

    1. thanks Camille. You are such a great friend. Keep up your efforts. I know you can do it. At least in Blanding you don’t have all of the food temptation I have. Its everywhere! Miss ya.

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