Day: September 7, 2010


I had an interesting moment of clarity today.  With long-term tenants in most of the houses I am not getting the kind of work-related emails I used to get.  September is also traditionally a slow month for the rental business; however,  I don’t want you to think I haven’t been busy because nothing could be further from the truth.  I’m afraid as soon as one business slows down another picks up!  In fact, on  Thursday I was up till 2 am doing taxes for Grabber. Despite this work, lately I haven’t been getting very many emails both personally and professionally. I also haven’t gotten many comments on facebook or my blog.  I’ve gotten some just not as many as at other times.

Today I was bemoaning this lack of internet correspondence when I realized something funny.  Since last Wednesday I’ve had a plethora (yes plethora) of company including a well attended book club and visits from two of my sisters- Megan and Anna.  During their visit my guest room and new sofa bed were both used (the sofa bed for the first time) to which they gave rave reviews so friends come and visit!  In addition, we also spent a lovely evening with our long-time friend Emily Alvillar Whitman (former roommate and best friend I’ve mentioned many times on this blog).   On Sunday I also had the pleasure of seeing my nieces and Megan’s extended family at Luisa Gough’s house.  To add even more blessings, today I had lunch with my Grandma Wagner and Aunt Jodie.  After that Anna came with her roommate Becca for a movie night.  I could keep going about my plans for the rest of the week but I won’t bore you except to say that I have some plans.

As I was cleaning up from Anna and Becca’s visit the irony of this weekend struck me- I was missing my electronic conversation when the entire time I was surrounded by REAL PEOPLE!  How greedy can I get?  I thought it such a funny realization I had to share it immediately with my electronic friends!  Thank you to everyone for the visits and friendship- both through the internet and actual human contact but especially the latter.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

On my mission occasionally we would come across people who were truly lonely- men and women who had nobody to lean on when times got hard.  One woman in particular that stands out in my mind. She was in Bloomington, IN and her family had disowned her for joining the church.  In addition, her only son had taken his own life years before.  Naturally she had the church to lean on, but she was a terrible pack-rat and a bit of an odd ball.   It was interesting because she lived in a big sprawling house  from the 20’s or 30’s (it even had a dumb-waiter) which she  completely filled with stuff.  There were entire rooms that could not be entered they were so full of stuff (junk really).

To be honest I can’t even remember this woman’s name but she has always struck me as an example of a lonely soul surrounded by meaningless objects.  Whenever my possessions start to feel too sentimental I think of her as the ultimate extreme and it gives me pause.  I am so blessed to have an abundance of love in my life.  I have an amazing family that supports me, friends that reach out and new acquaintances that enrich my life.  How much more blessed am I that I frequently get to see these people live in person!  No more complaining about email for me! I am one lucky girl!