sick, sick, sick

So, I have no energy to write a long note.  I just wanted to explain why it had been weeks since my last post.  I was away in California and despite the joy of seeing my family, it was a bit of a doomed trip.  There was one problem after another culminating by getting the flu on Friday.  Some how I made it back and have been going through one of the worst illnesses of my life. I’m not exaggerating.  My throat hurt SO bad.  I couldn’t breath, sleep or do anything else without severe pain.  I also had huge body aches with horrible fevers and chills.   Today is my first day that I felt some healing.  I still have a sore throat but not as bad as this weekend.

What does being this sick make a girl realize?  Well, a few things:

1.  There is nothing on TV during the day.

2. Following up on that, a DVD library really comes in handy during moments like these

3. When you can’t eat anything, everything looks delicious.

4. Being sick makes you grateful for little things like the ability to swallow, control your body temperature, and sleep regularly.

5. I have the BEST friends and family!  Thank you especially to Jim for picking up the slack as I’ve been sick, for Emilee Russell, Suzanna Graff, and Bonnie Denison bringing me groceries/medicine, and all the get well texts/calls/and messages

6.  Thank you to Sister Tait for taking me to the doctors on Friday.  If there was even a sliver of a chance I could have taken an antibiotic I was going to pursue that option.  I really appreciate her helping me.

7. I’m thankful for Brother Van Hoff, Spencer and Ben  for giving me a blessing Sunday.  I am so grateful for the power of God in my life and for worthy friends who are willing to serve.

8. Its amazing how with all the medical technology we have that there is no real treatment for illnesses like the one I have.   You just have to wait it out like in the old days.

9. I am so grateful my body has begun to heal.

10.  If anyone needs cough drops, lozenges, sore throat spray, or a variety of other meds…I’m your girl!

Here’s to getting better!

ps.  When everything was going bad on my trip I kept saying it could be worse…I’ve stopped saying that!

pps. Today I watched my Carey Grant movie collection.  He is the best!  His Girl Friday may be my new favorite movie.  I’d seen it before, but it made me smile extra wide this time, which given the circumstances was tough to do.

This actually looks a little like me!

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