Day: July 6, 2010


Today I worked and relaxed while watching one of my favorite TV on DVD shows- Reba.  First of all, I love Reba McEntire.  I love her music and she just seems like the nicest person.  In her long career she has had 24 #1 hits with an amazing variety of country songs.  When I was younger I used to lump Reba in with singers I deemed as “too honky-tonk”.  Then in 2005 I got into her TV show, which then introduced me to her music.  I quickly realized there was much more to Reba than I had given her credit for.   While she does have a few generic cowgirl songs most of her hits are remarkably lyrical and poetic.  Many of her songs tell a story including Whoever’s in New England, Last One to Know, Walk On, Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Does He Love You, How Was I to Know, What Do You Say, and even Because of You with Kelly Clarkson.  My friend Stefanie said she saw Reba live and that she was an amazing performer.  I would love to see her live someday.

Another reason I love Reba is that she has done everything in her life and yet still seems down to earth.  If I had 24 #1 hits I might be tempted to coast a little but Reba keeps embracing new challenges.  She has tried everything including of course singing, acting, Broadway  and even fashion design.  I wish I could have seen her when she played Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway.  She should go back and do it again.  I would totally fly out to New York and see her.

That brings me to her sitcom.  I know that sitcoms have their flaws but I love Reba’s self-titled show.  It has a fairly edgy premise but the show is quite family friendly.  The story revolves around Reba Hart (of course played by Reba McEntire) who is going through a divorce from her husband Brock who is having a baby with his assistant named Barbara Jean (played hilariously by Melissa Peterman).  At the same time Reba’s daughter Cheyenne is pregnant at 17 and marrying the father of her baby named Van Montgomery.  There are 2 other children Kyra and Jake in the family.  The casting is part of what makes this series so great.  All of the performers, even the children, are wonderful.  Plus, almost every scene is an ensemble piece with the actors working well off of each other.  One of my favorite episodes is in season 2 when the entire family films a time capsule for Van and Cheyenne’s baby thinking it will be confidential.  Naturally they all say things they don’t want others to hear, but the tape ends up getting played and pandemonium ensues.  Look at the way the actors play off each other in this clip- its almost like watching a live play.

In addition to the acting the writing is strong on Reba.  I have all 6 seasons and each year the writers manage to balance dealing with the tough topics of divorce, teenage pregnancy, and raising a blended family while still keeping the show light and appropriate for the entire family.  The Barbara Jean/Reba dialogue is especially sharp and funny.  Many people have called them the new “Lucy and Ethel” and I may just agree (in fact, I’ve never been a huge I Love Lucy fan). The best thing about Reba is that it makes me laugh.  While I won’t guarantee the same for you, I would encourage you to check it out.  If you want to borrow the seasons from me, just ask.

Also, check out Reba’s music and I’m sure you will like it as much as I do.  Isn’t it nice to support someone that believes in marriage, family and hard work?  That’s what you get with Reba.  (Plus, she’s like Oprah and Cher, a one-named woman, yet she’s not a diva.  Pretty impressive!) Enjoy!