Day: May 10, 2010

Exercising My Life Update 1

I promised I would give regular updates on how my exercise quest is going.  So here goes.  I have been doing very well.  For the last few weeks (since the beginning of March) I have been exercising regularly and watching what I eat.  The last month I stepped it up a notch and have been exercising every day.  For a while I tried three times a week but then I found myself making excuses and only doing two sessions.  It has been hard and exhausting.  Every day around 3 pm I am exhausted and need to take a nap (that comes from a normally non-nap taker!).  Luckily I have the support of my employer (my dad) and a job that is flexible enough to allow short naps (20 minutes).  I am hopeful that the longer I keep it up the less tired I will feel.  Hopefully someday I will feel energized from exercising.  Right now my body is fighting it hard!

Each week I have seen consistent improvement until this week when I actually gained a pound 😦  I know there are variations in water weight and that increased muscle mass makes a difference but it was discouraging at first.  Part of the gain might be that I had 2 ear infections last week and only exercised 3 times.  Still, I was proud of myself because usually I use getting sick as an excuse to eat comfort food, which I did not do.

There have been many subtle changes like that.  I have been keeping a food log and here are some of my comments.


” I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t go out in public.  Too much to tempt me!  Everywhere I go there is food and my little brain thinks of every excuse to get some.  Today staying inside and kind of doing a fast to get back on track.  I can do this”


“Today I decided to take a sick day because I still feel exhausted from the last few days.  Between the infections, lack of sleep and hard work I just am tuckered out…At least I tried to not go overboard on the whole being sick comfort food thing.  So I found out that Thai food is super bad for you.  I was shocked because nothing is deep fried and it seems kind of healthy.  Not so much…Learn something new on this quest every day!”


“Lately I’ve been craving steak but its so expensive and not good for me….It is so hard to resist the craving but getting easier with every right decision. Today I did 27 minutes on the bike and my heart rate went up to 151.”


“Today I feel like I could sleep all day.  When will I get more energy? It seems like it will never come.  I think I will exercise tonight while watching Dancing with the Stars.  Determined to eat well today!’


“Today I exercised for a half hour and burned 175 calories.  I’m still super tired especially around 4 pm but am going to get an iron supplement.  Hopefully that will help.  I ate good today.  I made one of my favorite dishes, crepes, but instead of white flour I used buckwheat flour and eliminated the butter. They were surprisingly tasty! … I got a new quote today that inspires me “you have to want to be skinny more than you want the bad foods”.  I put that on my fridge. Hopefully it will motivate me to continue to make good choices.”


‘Last night I got super hungry and had a midnight snack I should not have.  I am feeling the result today.  Next week I will have no food after 9. Moving onward!”


“Today made pancakes with buckwheat flour and eliminated the butter on top and in the recipe.  Still mighty tasty! Tonight at Grandma’s will be an interesting test of my self control…”


“Today I exercised hard (190 calories on the bike and did weights) and was tempted to go to fast food rationalizing that “Subway was the healthy way…”  Resisted and was glad I did.  I’ve got to fight those cravings.  It is 5 and don’t feel as tired.  Maybe getting more used to exercise (hopefully!) and maybe the iron pills are helping?

Yesterday we had Mothers Day meal at grandmas.  Did pretty well….Only had  a small serving of mashed potatoes (they were so good!).  The victory of the night was leaving before the pie was made.   It was my favorite- lemon meringue.  There are some things I know I can’t have just one bite of and lemon meringue pie is one of them!”

As you can see there have been some small set backs, but I am proud that I have not eaten fast food in close to a month.  I have gone out a couple of times but I’ve tried to limit it and to select healthy when I do.  I am exercising nearly every day and trying to keep my spirits up and my motivation high.  Thank you to everyone for all your love and support.  Will update again soon.  Hopefully this time with more weight loss! Any tips you can give on having more energy (not being so tired from exercising) would be appreciated. Keep me in your prayers. I need all the help I can get.