Day: April 27, 2010

Big Bang Theory

After several thoughtful posts in a row I just want to spread the word about one of my favorite shows on television.  This year I have cut my tv viewing by about 2/3rds including only watching 2 scripted shows- the Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.  I was into Glee but I realized I only like the music not the stories. The Big Bang Theory is about a group of theoretical physicists that perform their research at a university similar to Cal Tech.  The four main characters are Leonard (cute nerd), Sheldon (crazy brilliant nerd), Howard (uberconfident nerd who lives with his mother- only one with a masters degree), and Rajesh (an astrophysicist from India who can’t talk to women unless he is drunk). This band of nerd misfits is accompanied by their “normal” neighbor Penny who longs to become an actress but works at the Cheesecake Factory as a waitress.

The best thing about the Big Bang Theory is the writing.  Anyone who is or has spent time with a nerd will relate to the way these guys interact and behave.  Even if you have merely been to college you will relate to this show.  Let’s put it this way- it is the only show on network television that has a physicist on staff to collaborate on all of the scientific dialogue! In the opening episode Sheldon has a formula on a board that is evidently a real “joke” on some actual equation.   That said- you don’t have to be a science geek or even a nerd to enjoy the show.  You need only to like funny, well written dialogue with characters that are selfish and exasperating yet still endearing.  It also doesn’t really make fun of nerds.  In some ways it actually glories in its “nerdvanna”.  If you haven’t seen it check it out Monday nights CBS at 8:30 (at least that’s mountain time).  Here are some of my favorite clips: