Funny Glimpse into the Past

Here I am with the floppy disk!


Change the poem, change the line,
change the meaning, change the rhyme,
change the outcome change the plan,
change the mood, change the man.

Change your looks, change your smile,
change your going, stay awhile,
change your past, change your time,
change your future, stay be mine.

william greer

Today I was filling up my new bookcase (which despite purchasing 4 bags of books from DI leaves my other bookcases markedly sparse!).  While personally oogling over each and every book- even the ones from my childhood such as the boxcar children and babysitters club- I started looking at my old books from college.  This is always a sentimental trap for me because I look at my college experience as the most defining one of my life.  My mission was the most difficult, college was the most defining.  I know it is such a cliche but I really did find my voice as a young political philosophy student.  All of the sudden I had the words to say what I had been feeling my entire life.  I can recall the first moment of reading Plato (something most would shutter at) as one of the most liberating of my life.  Particularly his teaching on forms- the belief that eternal forms have always existed.  He uses the example of a chair. We know something is a chair because it uses the form of a chair.  Abstract concepts are the same way.  We know what justice is because it fits the form of justice.  There were so many times in my life when I had been trying in vain to describe my heart and to know that this struggle with words was eternal was an ah ha moment if there ever was one!  Since then I have had many ah ha moments but none came with such fluidity as they did in college. Suddenly reading became easy and fun, writing (and even grammar) became a passion and learning new concepts an adrenhaline rush.  This love of learning has never left me and I believe is now one of the distinctive parts of my personality.

Anyway, as I was reminiscing with each old book I came across a book from my Marriage and Family course (ironic that I took 3 such courses I know!) and from inside the book fell out my old floppy drive from college!  What a blast from the past that was.  I knew it was the floppy I relied on because it was black with a green and white label.  I used to put everything on that floppy (everything that would fit that is!).  At the time it seemed more than sufficient for my back up and storage needs.  Looking at it now it has 1.44 mb. To put things in perspective one song on Itunes has 5 mb.  My current ipod has 160 GB.  The flash drive I carry on my key chain has 4 GB and my back up capabilities are over 1 terabyte.  This means that in my personal back up system I have over a million floppy drives! Amazing.

What am I getting with all those bytes- tons of added photos, videos and software space, back up for many projects, and perhaps most importantly thousands of downloaded songs and cds at my disposal. With all that I am only using about 1/3rd of my storage capacity.  It is hard to imagine filling it up but I am sure someday I will.  Perhaps someday I will be looking at my loud noisy back up hard drive and think it is so old fashioned- just as I am with the floppy drive.

That said- I wonder if my life really is any better?  Back then I still had a laptop with music files, software and was completely satisfied.  In fact, I would love to be able to look at this floppy and see what kinds of projects I was working on and items I thought important enough to save.  Most of it is probably papers that I put on the floppy to print at the SWKT computer lab (my printer was notoriously fickle- something that doesn’t seem to have changed much with ink jets!)

Do you all ever have moments like that where a simple item will start you down the reminiscing trail and lead to questions, to pondering?  Happens to me all the time.  Please share!  I haven’t had a comment in a while.  Not since my President Obama post and let’s be honest you guys don’t want me doing political posts all the time do you!!  (Btw, I’ve lost 8 lbs so far on my new fitness regiment but that’s for another entry!).  Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Funny Glimpse into the Past

    1. Meg you are my 300th comment. I feel like I should give you a prize. I know- you can stay in my guest room for free!

  1. I know that’s a fun one hah. I love poetry. Thanks for the comment. Isn’t it funny how we remember things like the color of our floppy drives but can’t recall people’s names? The human brain is a mystery!

    1. Yours was green too. I’m so glad and flattered you read my blog. How are you doing? Thanks for the comment.

  2. I stubbornly hold on to my floppy disk even though I have no way to check what is on it (our new computer doesn’t even have a floppy disk drive). Derek just grumbles, but too much of my life during school was put on that obsolete disk I can’t stand to part with it!

    1. Thanks for the comments and thank you for the statue. I will have to post a photo of my new bookcase. It looks really beautiful.
      I wonder how many people are like you and I and still have their floppy disks hanging around? It’s an interesting thought.

  3. Yes, I succumb much too easily to spontaneous trips down memory lane…organizing closets and going through storage bins around my house is a dangerous prospect for me. I, too, have quite the collection of Box Car Children and Babysitters’ Club books out in my garage (no room on our bookshelves, which are monopolized by my husband). I also have a ton of Nancy Drew books out there. In fact, I have been considering the prospect of selling them all on Ebay or something; I have not yet voiced this thought to my husband, who is adamantly opposed to getting rid of any book on any subject whether we have room or use for it or not. I’m not sure if I’ll go through with my plan or not…only time will tell.

    1. Don’t sell them! Find a niece, friend, girl at church somebody. Better yet- give them to a school or school teacher. My dad is the same way about books. Why is that? I love my books and I would think as a mom having books in the home is a great way of encouraging literacy and reading in the home. I think it is good for kids to see books of all types and to see their parents reading.
      I would love to someday have a real library- with a library ladder and everything!
      Thanks for your comments. Stay strong for the books!

  4. i think that it irritates my husband that i frequently get sidetracked when cleaning out the closets or worse yet going thru my childhood belongings that are still at my dad’s home. i hate getting rid objects that hold memories. i still have my pet rock from elementry school.

    1. Going through trinkets is such a funny thing. Something like a keychain or a pin can mean so much to one person and look like junk to another. (Plus I think these things mean more to women than men. ). Thanks for the comment. I am so excited that my friend Mary Stam reads my blog! Hurray! Keep reading.
      One book I liked that addresses the power of sentimental objects is Charms for the Easy Life by Kaye Gibbons. You should check it out.

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