New Space

I first want to apologize for my tardiness in posting.  I have been working like a pack mule lately trying to get this sales tax project done for Grabber. I won’t get into the boring details but suffice it to say the last month I have put in 207.5 hours of total work.   This includes working every weekend and even on my Birthday.  On the plus side I have billed a lot of hours and made money- something I sorely lacked when I was sick for like 3 months.

In between all of this work I have had one exciting development.  Last Saturday my roommate moved out to work at a job in Idaho near her family.  I debated for a few seconds whether I should get a new roommate to replace her but I decided instead to turn her room into an office/guest room.  I purchased a futon sofa that folds out into a full size bed.  The futon cushion is a real mattress with springs and everything.  I got it on Craigslist for a great deal.    It’s perfect for overnight guests! In addition to the bed I have a TV that my uncle Tom is letting me use.  It is one of those old school tube tv’s but the picture is great.  I admire that Tom could carry it up to my apartment.  The thing is heavy!  It took me 2 tries to get it on the exepedit shelf I bought from Ikea.   The rest of the room is taken up by the office portion.  I have my lovely desk and chair that I bought at Pier 1. It is the best because it is a manageable size.  So many of the desks I found were these large monstrosities.  Plus, this desk has a little bit of charm.  It is the only “nice” piece of furniture I own.  Someday I hope to have many pieces from Pier 1 and similar stores!

Anyway, I have lots of storage in the new room/bathroom which I am taking full advantage of.  With more space my entire apartment feels neater and more put-together.  It’s funny because you would think I would be more inclined to be neat living with another person but I find the opposite is true.  My old roommate was awesome but not the cleanest person in the world and I think the two of us were sometimes not the best at motivating each other to be clean.  Particularly with vacuuming.  One time she was surprised that I was vacuuming again after about 3 weeks!  I told her- “some people vacuum every day!”.   (It’s funny how cleanliness is such a relative thing.  There are many people who would think I am a total slob and others who would find me too clean. ).

Finishing off my new space is a separate bathroom for guests and while I work.  I have stocked it with towels (I donated my old towels to that bathroom and bought new ones for me!).  Plus, I went out and bought shampoo, conditioner and the like for any guests.  I really mean this when I say- come and visit!

This might sound ridiculous but having this new space has been incredible.  I don’t think I realized how all-encompassing particularly my work had become.  Now I have  way to separate it- a way to shut the door and be done.  It’s strange how a mental thing like that really does make a difference in my happiness but it does.    I feel liberated!  I can actually watch television without having my computer staring at me tempting me to “just check my email…it will only take a second”.  It’s hard to explain how great that is.  Now I am just kicking myself for having waited so long to get my own office.  While it was great having roommates, there is no comparison to the happiness I feel from being able to turn work off.

Here you can see the new space.   I am working on my video skills and clearly have some room for improvement but at least it will give you an idea of the new space!  Come and visit- come and visit- come and visit!

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