Day: December 12, 2009

Global Warming/Climate Change Conference

This weekend the president is in Copenhagen, Denmark for the Global Warming Summit.   I think summit is a bit of a misnomer because it is basically a big ra-ra meeting for global warming policies and theories.  There is no discussion- no substantive debate.  Listening to the President and other liberal leaders you would think that everyone but total wackos agreed with the concept of climate change.  I have done some studying on both sides and the issue is by no means a set-in-stone theory.  While the globe has been shown to have warmed over the last 100 years the debate on what that really means and what should be done about it is still in the air- or at least it should be.   I’ve seen an Inconvenient Truth and to be honest I was surprised that it won an Oscar.  It is basically Al Gore in front of a power point for 2 hours- not my definition of exciting. Nevertheless, the content was interesting and disturbing; however, it was framed without any realistic opposing points of view.   Al Gore’s ideas are stated as a matter of fact- as if explaining a recipe, or like a how-to-guide for fixing the earth!

You may find it radical for me to be asking such questions but isn’t that a sign of the effectiveness of climate change/global warming smear machine?  What is wrong with asking a few questions.  I believe in recycling, carpooling, and every sensible act we can do to take care of the environment.  There is little debate that car fumes, factory emissions, and other pollutants are not good for the planet; however global warming activists go far beyond taking action to reduce pollutants- they want a fundamental lifestyle and policy change world-wide.   It makes me nervous that such sweeping, global decisions are made without any quantitative discussions.  Is that too much to ask?

Here is a video that explains well what I am trying to say.