Mysterious Benedict Society

Hello my name is Madeline.  I have hijacked Rachel’s blog for the evening.  I wanted to let all of you know about the book I just read.  It is full of excitement, dramatic moments, and surprises. This book made me crazy because I did not want to put it down.

Here is a small summary about the book:

Four unique children, Reynie, Kate, Constance and Sticy group together to save the universe from Mr.Curtain and the wisperer.  They keep getting messages from the whisperer at the institute.  The whole point is to become messengers to find out what the special priviliges are and to stop Mr.  Curtain and his evil plan.  It is not set in a magic world- just a regular world.  Reynie and his three friends set off on a dangerous journey through traps and narrow escapes.

Are they smart enough to find out how and what to do to shut Mr.  Curtain down?  To find out read this book! It is by Trenton Lee Stuart. Oops, Rachel’s back.  Better go!


5 thoughts on “Mysterious Benedict Society

  1. I am reading this book right now and I am currently about half way through! I love it…it’s a good read but it moves really quickly. I recommend it at well.

  2. Ha ha! How cute! I am so glad that Rachel has such a cool little sister to hang out with when she goes to CA. She told me a story about your cute Christmas list one year and how you reprimanded your parents for getting you a faulty boom box. Ask Rachel for the details. Ha ha ha.

  3. there is no way madeline wrote this by herself. Rachel you totally helped. I know this because maddie would never say “I have hijacked Rachel’s blog for the evening.”
    Not her style!

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