Day: October 4, 2009

Mysterious Benedict Society

Hello my name is Madeline.  I have hijacked Rachel’s blog for the evening.  I wanted to let all of you know about the book I just read.  It is full of excitement, dramatic moments, and surprises. This book made me crazy because I did not want to put it down.

Here is a small summary about the book:

Four unique children, Reynie, Kate, Constance and Sticy group together to save the universe from Mr.Curtain and the wisperer.  They keep getting messages from the whisperer at the institute.  The whole point is to become messengers to find out what the special priviliges are and to stop Mr.  Curtain and his evil plan.  It is not set in a magic world- just a regular world.  Reynie and his three friends set off on a dangerous journey through traps and narrow escapes.

Are they smart enough to find out how and what to do to shut Mr.  Curtain down?  To find out read this book! It is by Trenton Lee Stuart. Oops, Rachel’s back.  Better go!


General Conference and Family

This weekend has been a delight.  On Friday my family (minus Ben and Megan’s families) came into town.  They are here to visit us (Anna and I) and to attend General Conference for our church.  General Conference is a massive meeting where we get to hear from our prophet, apostles and other leaders. I look forward to Conference every 6 months.  It builds me up and inspires. Sometimes I just watch it on TV but with my family in town we made the effort to get tickets.  My family went to Sunday morning, and I went with them to Sunday afternoon.  All of the talks were excellent and encouraged me to be a better person.  One of my favorites was Elder Holland this afternoon.  It was a stirring testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I wish I could show it to all of my investigators/converts on my  mission.  I will post some videos once they are available.  Here is the audio of the talk:

A big theme from the conference I noticed was preaching about the love of God.  With all of the challenges in the economy and around the world it was comforting to hear the prophet and apostles teach about God’s plan for us and His love for us. The music was also wonderful- with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing some of my favorite songs.  Everyone should hear them sing at least once in person.  It is great.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying the time with my family.  We have all been up at our home, the Anna.  It has been fun to go hot tubing, play games like psychiatrist (we can play that for hours), talking and eating together and just having a nice time.  My only regret is that Megan and Ben aren’t here.  That would make it perfect.  At least I get to see Megan next week.  I haven’t been able to work much this week but its ok.  I am doing alright.  We had a fun surprise work-wise on Saturday.  A woman who has stayed at our homes 3 times called and said she needed a place that same hour. Luckily, the Alpine house was available and we got her checked in.  That was $477 we wouldn’t have earned otherwise.  Not too shabby!  I felt like it was a little blessing allowing me to have fun and put work on the back burner just a little bit.  Believe me- it is impossible for me to completely turn off work but I did pretty good this weekend.  It was great!

Here is President Monson’s main address.  I loved the part about his birthday and all the service which had been done.  I wish I had known about it and we could have done something for enrichment.  Oh well!  Next time.