Month: May 2009

What do you give this woman with a BUMP on her head?

I had funky but real life scare on Saturday.  What happened is I was working at the houses, tired and sore from cleaning and being on my feet for two days straight.  As a little reward I decided to bring my swimsuit and enjoy the hot tub up at the house.  It was cold and very windy and the hot tub sounded great!

Without even looking at the temperature I jumped right in and the water was around 95 degrees, which is warm but  not hot.  To keep the heat in I decided to only unfold one part of the hot tub cover.  These covers are heavy.  In fact, it is difficult for me to move them at all.

As I was enjoying the hot tub the wind got worse and all of the sudden a huge gust caught the cover and quickly blew the folded half over landing a large blow to the back of my head.  I didn’t see it coming and the punch sent a shock through my body.  I didn’t black out- thank goodness!  If I had I could have drown because I was completely alone at the house.  After a second, I was able to get out of the hot tub and rush inside.  After sitting I changed and then laid down with ice on my head.

For the next few hours I monitored my condition carefully.  I felt a little light headed but it was hard to tell since I had been in hot water, and been tired. Eventually my dad arrived bringing food, which I was able to keep down.  Perhaps I should have gone to the emergency room but I decided to just rest.  If it had been a weekday I probably would have gone to the doctors, and I may still do that tomorrow. We’ll see how I am feeling.

Since the accident I have felt pretty good; although, a fairly strong headache has never completely gone away.  I have a big goose egg on the top of my head and it is tender to the touch but considering what could have happened I feel lucky.  Who would have ever thought that a relaxing hot tub could become so dangerous!

Naturally I have been thinking about it today.  It is sobering to think I could have died or at least have been sent to the hospital.  I am so grateful I was safe and that the Lord was watching out for me- even when I was doing something admittedly stupid.  Sometimes on this blog and in my life I grumble about politics or people that get on my nerves,   I whine about a bad day, I wish things could be easier or better.

In the end I love my life! I know what it feels like to be unhappy- to be depressed.  I have had periods where I felt alone, confused on how I could make things better, and even hopeless.  Getting through such experiences has taught me that I am worthy of a happy, vibrant, wonderful life.  This is my right as a daughter of God.  I do not have to resign to a stupefying existence that I don’t enjoy. I love my family, friends, job, hobbies, interests, entertainment choices, and most importantly my faith. As I said in my Easter post I know that Jesus lives and watches over my life.  He wants me to be happy.  He forgives me for my sins.  He loves me unconditionally.  I am alone a lot in my life but in truth I am never alone because Jesus Christ has never forgotten me.  He is my best friend.  I am so grateful for that.  I am so grateful that He watches out for me and I hope I live my life in a way that He is proud.  As a friend quoted to me the other day “I hope I wake up every day and Satan says ‘man she’s up again!”.

I am so glad that I wasn’t hurt and that I can keep living my wonderful, happy life.  How lucky am I to be happy- really, truly, genuinely happy?  I wish everyone could feel as I do. What a gift!

By the way, thanks for all of the positive feedback on my blog.  It boosts me greatly and is a fun part of my life.   The process has also made me a better writer.  I have now been writing this blog for over a year, and we are at 5,000 hits! Not bad for a single girl from Draper, Utah.  Not bad at all.


A Great Deal

I am surrounded by people that are great at finding bargains- particularly my sister Megan. She is so creative and thrifty. She manages to squeeze 3 kids and her husband into a 2 bedroom apartment, make delicious food and come up with great activities for the girls. She’s such an amazing woman and mother. Anyway, I have always been good at staying within my budget and Megan is good at pinching every penny. In fact, this week she made a dress for Isabel out of her own old shirt! Talk about giving your kids the shirt off of your own back! Not bad hah!

Growing up Megan was almost never tempted by purchases of music, clothes or DVDs that I throw money around on (although they do give me a lot of pleasure.). She doesn’t even have the amazon book habit that I’ve got (I’ve done better lately about going to the library even if it kills me not to write in the books!).  She’s a great example to me in these regards.

This is part of the reason why I was so excited to find a great deal today. There is a Rite Aid pharmacy going out of business in Draper. It is my understanding that the whole company is doing fine. It is jus this particular branch which is closing. A couple of weeks ago they had a 50% off sale and I made several purchases. After a busy day of cleaning the rental properties I happened to be going to the cleaners nearby when I noticed a 90% off sale. I had to take a look. I mean that’s practically free!

When I got inside they gave me a medium sized shopping bag and said I could fill it with greeting cards for $1 for the whole bag! In almost a shopping spree mentality I grabbed all the cards I could lay my hands on- everything from Happy Birthday to Sympathy and Get Well cards! Amazingly enough, I ended up with 84 cards for $1!!!!

Needless to say I will have little excuse for forgetting a card for any occasion in the future! If any of you end up with an odd card just remember I got it in the midst of a mad spree!

No, it was really quite tame but still very exhilarating. In a weird way I felt proud of myself. Funny, how that happens hah? It seems something that women get a special thrill from. Why is that? Maybe because we traditionally make most of the purchases? I have been in so many settings where a woman compliments another woman on her clothes, and she immediately begins to describe the deal she got in purchasing it:
“thanks, I got it at Kohls for 20% off and the shirt was on the clearance aisle. They have the best prices on jewelry there…”

I have never heard a group of men talking about such things. Maybe that’s because all my guyfriends are straight but still it is funny how thriftiness is kind of a feminine trait.

A great book for thrifty ideas is the book The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. She runs a website called For example, currently they have directions for candles made out of canola oil and coke cans. Pretty cool! A few of her ideas are a little wacky but still most of them are great. Do any of you have websites you like, tips that help you be thrifty?
I was super excited about my great deal! Now if only I can afford the stamps…