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  • kirksbooks

    A fine WordPress.com site


    The cultural. The political. The weird. The last saloon at the end of the world...


    "Cowden's Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos Disease are words, not sentences."


    You cant buy HAPPINESS, but you can buy BOOKS and thats kind of the same thing.

    The Persistent Platypus

    Life's journey may not always be easy, but being true to your unique self and finding laughter in the small things makes the adventure unforgettable!

    All Eyes On Screen

    Where else would you be looking?

    The Disney Odyssey

    A review blog of all the Disney Animated Classics: From 1937 to the present day - Co-written by a pair of nostalgic twenty-somethings!

    Babysitting Jack-Jack

    Disney-- from Snow White to the Snow Queen

    just a dad with disney questions

    reading into things way too much...


    Exploring Faith, History, and Culture Through Film

    taestful reviews

    Kevin Tae loves analyzing movies

    Future Imagineer

    11 year old future imagineer

    Reviewing All 54 Disney Animated Films And More!

    Reviews of the entire Walt Disney Animation Studios canon and other family friendly movie reviews

    Honoring the Heroines

    and other articles written by swanpride


    Animated opinions from an Animated person

    Pure Imagination

    Faith. Family. Film. (And a little bit more.)

    A Journey Through Cinematic Heaven and Hell

    Movie reviews, lists, and other shenanigans

    Coco Hits New York

    Thoughts on Movies, Television and other unimportant stuff

    John's Disney Movie Year

    52 weeks, 52 Disney animated classics: a chronological journey through each film in the Disney canon.

    I Breathe Disney

    It's all about Disney!


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